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Nitin’s story of getting in shape again

26/26 64kg > 56kg 18% > 14%

Nitin left the gym for six months and realized that he had gained weight especially around his stomach. Instead of moaning over it, he decided to do something about it.

Why you decided to Transform?

I have always been a lean fellow and frankly I had never been to a gym. But about six months back I realised that I had put on a lot of weight especially on my stomach. It started showing on my face as well. And since I am not that tall, a little extra fat is also shows.

How did you accomplish your Goal:

I started by going on a diet. I had completely gotten rid of carbohydrates and sugar, I even used to skip dinner and started having lot of fruits. It showed some results but I felt very weak. Then I read online that going for a diet is not the best way to get in shape. So I started having my regular diet and to my surprise all the fat that I had lost came back in no time. So I decided to join a gym. I fortunately got hold of a qualified trainer who understood my needs and developed a program for me. From that day going to a gym is an activity that I just have to do and it has not only reduced fat, but it has also improved my strength.

Training routine that helped you achieve your Goals

Monday: Chest

Running  20 minutes
Cardio 15 minutes
Flat bench press 4 X 10
Inclined bench press 4 X 10
Declined bench press 4 X 10
Machine pull over 3 X 10
Hammer press 3 X 10

Tuesday:Back/ Traps

Cycling 20 minutes
Bent over row 4 X 10
Deadlift 4 X 10
Pullover 4 X 10
Seated cable row 4 X 10
Lat pull down 4 X 10

Wednesday: Shoulder/ Abs

Cross trainer 15 minutes
Cardio 15 minutes
Military press behind back 4 X 10
Machine chest press 4 X 10
Dumbell lateral raise 4 X 10
Weight plate front raise 4 X 10
Side crunches 4 X 20
Side bends 4 X 15

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Biceps/ Tricpes/ Abs

Close grip bar curl 4 X 10
Tricep push down 4 X 10
EZ bar skull crusher 4 X 10
Cable kick back 4 X 10
Hammer curl 4 X 10
EZ bar curl 4 X 10
Wide grip curl 4 X 10
Concentration curl 4 X 10
Leg raises 4 X 20
Leg throw 3 X failure

Saturday: Legs

Weighted squats 4 X 12
Quad extension 4 X 12
Bulgarian squats 4 X 12
Leg curls 4 X 12
Stiff leg deadlift 4 X 12
Calf raise machine 4 X 20
Leg press 4 X 15
Glute kick back 4 X 15



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Suggestion for future transformers

Don’t go for a diet. That is a very unhealthy way to look at getting into shape. It deprives your body from essential nutrients. Get into a physical activity that you enjoy and work on your diet. Once you do that, it’s just a matter of time when you will see results you want. Also don’t forget it’s all about consistency. Enjoy your workout.
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