Transformation 1 MIN READ Jun 17, 2015

Ritnesh’s beastly transformation

23/26 56kg > 73kg 11% > 8%

From being someone who was skinny and literally no muscles, Ritnesh transformed himself and turned himself into a beast

Why you decided to Transform?

Looking myself in the mirror, skinny arms, no chest visible shoulder blades all defined me as WEAK. I used to see guys, with big arms, lifting more than their respective body weight. I used to see them and think they have good genetics, They are born that way and "Not everyone is created the same". One day, while watching videos on internet, I saw some bodybuilding videos, that motivated me to change myself. I realized that hard work can change the genetics. Hard work can change things, and the way I am.

How did you accomplish your Goal:

I joined a nearby gym and started working out. At the start, I was not able to lift even a 5kg dumbbell or do one pull-up, let alone doing Body-weight pushups. I had to take help to do pull-ups, but I kept thinking "I can do it".After some time I felt improvement as my arms were getting bigger, shoulders were broader and my chest began to develop. I decided to take Protein and Creatine supplement. I was not very careful about my diet I was eating potato’s, eggs , roti , pulses , trans fat(cholla bhatura) , ice creams etc. I became an animal. I felt some improvement but again something was missing I was so disappointing with myself, as I was putting my all efforts and money into it and I was not there where I wanted to be. I was so passionate about my physique that there was a hope in my heart that I can still make it. Then I started reading about diet and changed my intake. I noticed that bodybuilding is about 70% diet and 30% workout

Training routine that helped you achieve your Goals

Monday: Chest/ Triceps/Abs

Inclined chest bench press  4 X 12
Barbell inclined dumbell fly 4 X 12
Barbell bench press 3 X 12
Cable crossover 3 X 12
Parallel bar dips 3 X 12
Triceps pull down 3 X 12
Bench dips 3 X 12
Crunches 3 X 20
Oblique crunches 3 X 20

Tuesday: Shoulder/ Traps/ Calves

Arnold dumbell press 4 X 12
Side lateral raise 3 X 12
One arm dumbell front raise 3 X 12
Reverse peck deck 3 X 12
Upright rowns with dumbell 3 X 12
Dumbell shrugs 4 X 20
Back grip barbell shrug 3 X 20
Standing calf raise 2 X 20
Leg press calf raise 3 X 20

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Back/ Biceps

Chin ups 4 X 12
Lat pull down 3 X 12
One arm dumbell row 3 X 12
Seated cable rows 3 X 12
Dumbell pullover 3 X 12
Barbell curl 4 X 12
Inclined dumbell curl 3 X 12
EZ bar curl 3 X 12

Friday: Legs/Calves

Free squats 2 X 20
Barbell squats 3 X 12
Leg extension 3 X 12
Leg press 3 X 12
Romanian deadlift 3 X 12
Lunges 3 X 20
Standing calf raise 3 X 20
Sitting calf raise 3 X 20

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest



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Suggestion for future transformers

Believe in yourself. Be motivated. Stay positive. Work hard and don’t give up
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