Transformation 1 MIN READ Jun 16, 2015

Shreyas traded fat for muscle

18/20 96kg > 71kg 35% > 7%

Shreya’s suffered from asthma and high levels of LDL as well. He overcame these challenges and transformed himself to improve on his overall health.

Why you decided to Transform?

The one simple reason I decided to transform is because of my health issues. I used to suffer from mild asthma as well as high levels of LDL. The doctor warned me of blood pressure levels at a younger age. I used to be a football as well as a cricket player for my college team, but my case clearly shows that weight training is more important than any form or cardio for overall health.

How did you accomplish your Goal:

My formula was very simple. You should control your fitness and don’t let fitness control your life. So all I did was reduce the percentage of junk I ate and increase the nutritional dense food I ate.

Training routine that helped you achieve your Goals

Initially I used to follow a useless training routine recommended by a trainer one muscle group per day and lift light weights for higher reps.

As a beginner you should always train with compound movements and give your body enough rest so that it recovers before the next workout. Even though I am certified trainer now, I started learning about programming a long back.

I didn't change my rep range while dieting/cutting. I always kept it between 6-10 reps.

I followed a push/pull/legs/rest/repeat program.

Day 1: Chest-shoulders and triceps
Day 2: Back and biceps
Day 3: Legs (quad dominant)
Day4: Rest
Day 5:  Repeat day 1
Day 6: Repeat day 2
Day 7:Legs (Hamstring dominant)


Whey protein Creatine Fish Oil Yohimbe HCL BCAA

Suggestion for future transformers

My simple suggestion for future transformers is very simple. Set a goal and head in that direction. Trust people who give you facts. Your favourite bodybuilders might have great physiques but they don't tell you what enhances their physiques. So do the best with your physique. I am a normal guy just like you who set a goal and followed it. Trying to lose those extra pounds of body fat isn't fun, even more difficult when you intend to maintain your muscle mass but if you can adopt these five simple strategies, you'll be on the right track to making lifestyle changes that'll have a permanent effect on your life.
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