Transformation 1 MIN READ Jun 17, 2015

Vishal transformed himself to get into a new profession

32/32 92kg > 75kg 18% > 10%

Vishal always used to fit person, but a phase where he did not pay attention to his health made him gain few extra kilos. He had to transform himself if he had to revive his hope of entering the competitive field of professional modelling.

Why you decided to Transform?

I wanted to get into professional modelling. As you know the industry demands an individual to be in very good shape. I realized that in order to get into the field will not be as I will have to cut down drastically.

How did you accomplish your Goal:

I searched for a lot of information online, read a lot of articles, and studied a lot about supplements. My background of being a trainer also helped me. I changed my workout plan entirely and started consuming 7-8 meals a day.

Training routine that helped you achieve your Goals

Monday/ Thursday

Chin ups 3 X 10
Push ups 3 X 10
Flat bench press 4 X 15
Lat pulldown 4 X 15
Dumbell fly 4 X 15
Lat pulldown rear 4 X 15
Inclined bench 4 X 15
Seated rowing 4 X 15

Tuesday/ Friday

Preacher curl 4 X 15
Pully push down 4 X 15
Barbell curl 4 X 15
Lying down tricep extension 4 X 15
Dumbell curl 4 X 15
Hammer curl 4 X 15
Concentration curl 4 X 15
Dumbell kick back 4 X 15

Wednesday/ Saturday

Free Squats 2 X 20
Leg extension 4 X 16
Hack squat 4 X 16
Front lunges 4 X 16
Leg curl 4 X 16
Standing calf raises 4 X 20
Shoulder barbell press front 4 X 16
Dumbell side raises 4 X 16
Shoulder dumbell alternate 4 X 16
Bent lateral raise 4 X 16
Upright rowing 4 X 16
Shrugs 4 X 16



Dymatize hydrolized protein Dymatize BCAA ON Glutamine Vitamin Shoppe Fish oil

Suggestion for future transformers

Diet has the biggest role if you want to transform. Work hard. Don’t lose focus from the diet. Stay consistent.
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