Transformation 1 MIN READ Jun 16, 2015

Aditya went on a fat loss frenzy

18/20 96kg > 80kg 16% > 12%

Aditya lacked the confidence to open up. He always used to in his own shell and felt embarrassed because of his weight. His journey will certainly motivate a lot of people similar to him.

Why you decided to Transform?

The main reason I decided to transform was that I was not confident of myself. My excess fat made me feel terrible and that time I came across a lot of bodybuilding websites and after reading so many transformation stories, I thought it was high time I transformed myself too. That’s when I joined the gym with full motivation however like most of the beginners I went with full motivation but due to lack of knowledge and lack of proper diet I could not see results.

How did you accomplish your Goal:

After I read more I came to know about various things such as diet, exercise pattern, rest pattern and so on. So starting of 2015, I started taking supplements which helped me a lot. The main reason behind my accomplishment was mainly my diet changes which included more protein intake, having 4 - 6 meals every day. I had recently participated in inter-university bodybuilding competition in which I got 3rd place in the 70-75kg category.

Training routine that helped you achieve your Goals

I train 6 days a week. Every day I do one muscle with at least 4 - 6 variations of exercises with 10-12 reps in each set. I also employ drop set, rest-pause which increases the difficulty and makes it more fun. I also employ at least one bodyweight exercise in each muscle to improve on strength.



I started taking Muscleblaze whey protein starting 2015 and its results are awesome. I take one scoop every day. I also recently ordered Muscleblaze 7 protein blend.

Suggestion for future transformers

Building a body seems like the most difficult thing but it isn’t rocket science. After getting information about what needs to be done I found it very easy. I learned basically one needs 1.8-2 gms of protein per kg of your body weight. I divided my protein requirement into 5 meals. Based on my calculations, I needed 30-32 gms of protein in every meal. My advice is plan for the future, keep changing your training regime every 20-25 days as the same training regime will be adapted by your body and you won’t grow. Hydrate yourself properly. Get proper rest. Results will take time, so be patient and work hard. Knowledge about training is important, so I recommend reading blogs, magazines is a good start.
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