Transformation 1 MIN READ Jun 18, 2015

Alish lost 31 kgs in a year

21/22 115kg > 86kg 34% > 20%

Alish reached a point where he did not like looking at himself. He did something that is not short of an inspiration for all the people who want to lose weight.

Why you decided to Transform?

I was fed up from fat potruding from different portions of my body. I also saw a t-shirt in a mall which I wanted to buy so badly but size was small, so I bought that only to try to fit into it and after seven months I could do that. I also felt losing weight felt was extremely important to look good.

How did you accomplish your Goal:

I joined a gym with a determination that I will be regular. My trainer kept me on a very strict diet and workout schedule which was the most difficult part of my transformation

Training routine that helped you achieve your Goals

It was a special plan with weight lifting and cardio in a circuit format. I was not taking rest in the middle of my sessions which helped me a lot to achieve my desired goal

Monday/ Thursday

Push ups 3 X 10
Inclined dumbell 3 X 10
Declined dumbell 3 X 10
Dumbell fly 3 X 10
Tricep pulldown 3 X 10
Dumbell extension 3 X 10
Narrow grip push up 3 X 10
Tricep extension 3 X 10
Barbell extension 3 X 10

Tuesday/ Friday

Straight bar cable 3 X 10
Wide grip bicep curl 3 X 10
Dumbell preacher curl 3 X 10
Hammer curl 3 X 10
Lat pull down 3 X 10
Deadlift 3 X 10
Wide grip pull up 3 X 10
Single arm rowing 3 X 10


Shoulder press 3 X 10
Dumbell press 3 X 10
Dumbell lateral raise 3 X 10
Cable front raise 3 X 10
Upright rows 3 X 10
Military press 3 X 10
Leg extension 3 X 10
Weighted squats 3 X 10



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Suggestion for future transformers

Just give your 100% and take it as a challenge not a duty. Once you see changes in your body trust me you won’t want to go back to those junk food days. Stay fit, stay happy and enjoy life.
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