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Gautam’s journey to cut fat

28/28 90kg > 70kg 20% > 14%

Gautam’s journey is an inspiration to people who have a regular 9 to 5 job and who always have a reason not to be fit. From being someone who used to crave for junk food, he became a person who was obsessive about working out.

Why you decided to Transform?

I was fat as a small child and was always the biggest kid in my class. The funny thing about it was that I never thought being fat was bad. I came from a family of fat people where being fat was a way of life. A typical day of eating then was insane. I felt hungry lie all the time. Ordering double cheeseburgers, two large fries, and a large diet coke was my lifestyle. Work was no different where I would hog on samosas almost every day. I suffered from depression and loneliness. I believed that nobody knew how I felt. I surrounded myself with distractions, television, Internet, video games, and sedentary activities. One fine day I just told myself that this is not how my life is supposed to be. So I decided to change myself.

How did you accomplish your Goal:

At first, all I did was watch what I ate, count calories, and read labels. I began by cutting meat from my diet to teach me self-control and that there was more to life than eating food. I thought I could become a vegetarian and can say that it helped me control portions, but I was never happier than the day I got to eat meat again. When I finally got my eating under control, I started exercising. When I first started, I hated it. It's embarrassing to get on a treadmill weighing what I did, go for 10 minutes, and have to get off. Just 25 minutes of walking was enough to soak the treadmill. It took me a long time to get up the courage to go to the weight area. The sound of clanging metal and grunting scared me. But then my trainer realized that I have a strong will and decided to help me out so developed a plan for me with intensive cardio and strength training routine

Training routine that helped you achieve your Goals

Monday: Chest/Abs

Flat bench press 4 X 10
Incline bench press 4 X 10
Decline bench press 4 X 10
Machine pull over 3 X 10
Hammer press 3 X 10
Dips 3 X 10
Weighted sit ups 3 X 10

Tuesday: Back/ Traps 

Bent over row 4 X 10
Deadlift 4 X 10
Pullover 4 X 10
Seated cable rows 4 X 10
Upright rowing 4 X 10
Shrugs 4 X 10

Wednesday: Shoulder/ Abs

Military press behind back 4 X 10
Machine chest press 4 X 10
Dumbell lateral raise 4 X 10
Weighted plate front raise 4 X 10
Reverse peck deck 4 X 10
Reverse fly on incline bench 4 X 10
Side crunches 4 X 10
Side bends 4 X 10

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Biceps/ Triceps/ Traps

Close grip bench press 4 X 10
Tricep push down 4 X 10
EZ bar skull crusher 4 X 10
Cable kick back 4 X 10
Hammer curl 4 X 10
EZ bar curl 4 X 10
Wide grip curl 4 X 10
Concentration curl 4 X 10
Standing with wrist curl 1 X failure 
Reverse barbell with wrist curl 1 X failure

Saturday: Legs/ Abs

Squats to bench 4 X 12
Quad extension 4 X 12
Bulgarian squats 4 X 12
Leg curls 4 X 12
Calf machine raises 4 X 12
Air bike 3 X failure
Barbell twists 3 X failure
Side bends 3 X failure



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Suggestion for future transformers

Make small and obtainable goals. Exercise daily and find someone who can motivate you. Most importantly believe in yourself.
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