Transformation 1 MIN READ Jun 17, 2015

Harik did what most people think of doing

21/22 45kg > 72kg 10% > 9%

Hardik used to look up to his friends mesmerized by their physique. He did not like the way clothes draped on this body. So he decided to change that.

Why you decided to Transform?

I was very lean. I used to admire my friends who have a really good physique and always felt intimated by them. I never liked the way clothes draped on my body.

How did you accomplish your Goal:

One thing was very clear in my mind that what I wanted to achieve required dedication and a lot of hard work. After doing some extensive research online, I decided to join the gym. I discussed my situation with my trainer and he developed an entire plan for me.

Training routine that helped you achieve your Goals

Monday: Chest

Flat bench press 6 X 10
Dumbell fly 6 X 10
Inclined dumbell press 6 X 10
Push ups 6 X 20

Tuesday: Back

Wide grip chin ups 3 X 10
Deadlift 6 X 10
Lat pull down 6 X 10
One arm rowing 6 X 10
Hyperextension 6 X 10

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Biceps/Triceps

Chin ups 2 X 10
Barbell curls 6 X 10
Preacher curl with EZ bar 6 X 10
Hammer curl 6 X 10
Pully push down 6 X 10
Lying down tricep 6 X 10

Friday: Shoulder

Dumbell shoulder press 6 X 10
Front dumbell raise 6 X 10
Dumbell side raises 6 X 10
Dumbell bent raises 6 X 10
Upright row 6 X 10

Saturday: Legs

Free squats 6 X 10
Leg extension 4 X 10
Weighted squats 4 X 10
Lunges 4 X 10
Standing calf raises 4 X 10



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Suggestion for future transformers

Just stay motivated and you will achieve your goal.
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