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HealthKart Connect – Editorial Process

HealthKart aims to provide you with accurate information in order to help you solve all your health-related queries. Our authentic content is a result of research gathered from verified resources. While we suggest that the readers can choose to seek medical guidance for complete clarity, our content is medically reviewed by a certified health professional. Our entire editorial process comprises 5 stages.

1. Brainstorming on Relevant Topics

We start with a discussion on health-related topics. We go with the ones that are trending or pressing. We cover everything that could increase your awareness on the matters related to well-being and lifestyle. 

2. Writing

The final list of topics is then shared with a team of professional writers who refer to evidence-based research papers, verified medical websites, or articles published on government websites. Using their creative skills, they come up with authentic content.

3. Editorial Review

Once we receive the first draft of the article, the next step is to check its readability. The draft undergoes an editorial review in order to make sure we provide you with a quality reading experience. 

4. Medical Review

In order to authenticate further, the write-up undergoes fact checking. The edited draft is handed over to our certified medical expert. After this point, the content is ready to be published.   

5. Publishing  

The article is published keeping your hassle-free reading experience in mind. We have even given a space to our readers to share their opinions or feedback on a particular article in the comment section.

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