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Mohit wanted to change the way people look at him

19/23 46kg > 59kg 12% > 10%

Mohit wanted to change the way people look at him. From being someone who was always bullied, he became someone people would want to follow. People started following him for motivation.

Why you decided to Transform?

I was a skinny guy bullied by everyone. I was the shortest and the skinniest guy in my class and I hated this fact. People would ask me "which school do you go to?" in college. I knew I was underweight. My relatives would say “why don’t you eat something?" I always felt embarrassed knowing I’m the weakest in the family of healthy people. I was lazy, my eating habits were poor. I ate less than my 14 year old nephew. Deep inside, I was stressed and nervous.

How did you accomplish your Goal:

It was hightime, my teenage years were over. I was a college student and tired of being bullied. Everyone was growing, doing something nice in their life. I was still the same. Everyone was growing and I was the one who was still being scolded for skipping my meals. Moreover I was getting prone to diseases, regular headaches,stomachaches and fever due to not eating enough . I was a good cricket player but had no stamina. So getting healthy became a priority

Training routine that helped you achieve your Goals

When you grow, the requirements of your body changes. So does the training. I change my training regimen in 4-6 months. Since I want to be bigger and I am much of a powerlifting guy than bodybuilding, so I focus on strength more than definition. Here I am posting my current training regimen that will last till May 15th. I will change after that.


Push ups 3 X 30
Flat bench press 6 X 8
Inclined bench press 3 X 8
Declined bench press 2 X 10
Close grip bench press 2 X 10
Tricep pulldown 2 X 10
Shoulder press 2 X 10
Dumbell lateral raise 2 X 10
Weighted push ups(30 kgs) 3 X failure

Tuesday: Rest


Wide grip pull ups 3 X failure
Deadlift 6 X 6
Wide grip lat pulldown 2 X 10
T Bar rows 3 X 10
One arm dumbell rows 2 X 10
Hammer curl 3 X 10
Preacher curl 3 X 10
Weighted wide grip pull up 3 X failure


Bodyweight abdominal crunch 3 X failure
Weighted abdominal crunches 3 X 12
Russian twist with medicine ball 3 X 12
Woodchopper 3 X 12
Hanging weighted leg raise 3 X 12
Windshield wipers 3 X 10
Lying down leg raise 3 X 10
Cardio 20 minutes
Split pace running 3 minutes



Bodyweight squats 3 X 25
Weighted squats 6 X 10
Front squats 3 X 10
Leg extension 2 X 12
Jefferson squats 3 X 10
Calf raise on hack squat machine 3 X 12
Walking lunges 3 X 10



Pre-Workout : Never purchased a pre-workout supplement. Eat a good pre workout meal 60-75 mins prior to your workout and that will do the wonders. If you still need assistance, add some pomegranate, beetroot and vitamin C tablet with some black coffee for a brilliant pump and energy. Intra workout : Never used much of intra workout supplements but there was a great offer on BCAA’s on HK once, so gave it a try and bought Scivation Xtend. That increased my endurance between sets to keep going. Post Workout : ON 100% whey protein, gold standard Scivation Whey BSN Syntha 6 Nutrex Muscle Infusion Black Ultimate Nutrition Creatine

Suggestion for future transformers

It’s your body that stays with you till your last breath. Keep it healthy and fit. Eat right. I am constantly questioned, why I lift too heavy according to my body, why do I want to be so strong and I tell them what I heard in a power lifting video, "The greatest respect you can ever earn, is self respect" and this is why, I do, what I do. Transforming your body will also transform your mind, your soul. You will get inner peace. You will be filled with positivity and negativity will start leaving your body. You must be disciplined, consistent and work hard. Giving up should never be an option.
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