Cold Weather Workout

Is the chilly weather making you too lazy to workout? Well! If you weren’t keeping yourself active till now and kept on layering yourself inside the quilts, then it is time for you to warm up your body with some exercises.  

Benefits of doing workout in cold weather:

  • In chilly temperatures our heart does not have to work as hard as it does during the summers.
  • We  sweat less and spend less amounts of energy to do the same amount of exercise in winter as compared to hot weather.
  • Sunshine during winters is much bearable and hence exercising outdoors in the morning is the best way of providing your body with the much needed warmth and vitamin D.
  • As per a lot of studies, it is found that exercising in the cold can help to transform white adipose tissue (WAT) or white fat  into calorie-burning brown adipose tissue (BAT) or brown fat.

All of these benefits indicated that one can exercise more efficiently and reduce extra fats from their body during winter.

  1. Running 

Put on your winter track pants and go out for jogging or running. It is the best winter workout that can help you burn more calories and give your body the warmth it needs during cold weather. 

Running can help in the following ways:

  • Regular jogging or running can help in strengthening your bones and muscles.
  •  Taking up running as your winter work out can help to maintain your cardiovascular health.
  • It can help to maintain healthy weight and burn a lot of calories
  1. Zumba/ Dance

A lot of people don’t like to hit the gym and workout on those heavy equipment. However, a little bit of music can help you shed your boredom during winter. If you are not a gym person, then you can always take up zumba or dancing as your favorite winter exercise. Not only is grooving with beats of music interesting, but also super effective when it comes to fitness.

Here are a few benefits of doing zumba or dance during winter:

  • It is the best and innovative way of including fun and fitness together
  • Dance or zumba can help you burn a lot of calories and maintain a healthy weight
  • Zumba/ dance is the best winter exercise that works on your full body and also helps to keep you warm
  • It can help to improve cardiovascular fitness
  1. Yoga

Yoga is the best exercise that can be done in both winter and summer, no matter what the temperature outside is. You can easily do yoga exercises in cold weather at home or outdoors. This ancient form of exercise can help to heal both your body and mind. There are specific yoga asanas for specific parts of your body. For example: Dhanusanasa for back pain, Bhujangasana for reducing belly fat, butterfly pose for a healthy reproductive system, surya namaskar for overall body and more.

Here are some of the benefits of doing yoga:

  • Yoga asanas can help to improve your strength, balance and flexibility.
  • A lot of yoga exercises can help to relieve back pain during winter due to stiffness.
  • It can help to reduce arthritis pain
  • Some of the outdoor winter workouts can also help you to get enough vitamin D from the sun and keep your body warm, while healing your soul from within (mental peace due to yoga).
  • Yoga is good for maintaining beautiful skin and hair
  • Including  yoga in your winter workout routine can help you to lose a lot of weight.
  • It can help to  improve your sexual health
  • It can help to reduce depressure, anxiety and improve your sleep 
  1. Snow Sports

If you stay somewhere in the rocky mountains and can enjoy the white beauty (snow), then make sure to reap its full benefits. Sports activities like skiing, snow-ga, trail running, scenic hiking or walking, etc. are the  best things to do to burn calories amidst the beauty of nature. The best time to exercise in winter in a snowy area is during the day as it will help you to enjoy the sunshine and also warm your body. 

Benefits of snow sports:

  • It helps to burn more calories
  • These activities are great for your cardiovascular health
  • These sports activities are great for both your body and mental health
  1. Play your favourite outdoor games

The other best thing that you can do is to include outdoor sports activities to your winter workout plan. Be it cricket, football, basketball or anything that you like, try to take out sometime and enjoy your favourite sports. This is the best way of burning calories while having fun.

Benefits of Outdoor Sports:

  • You get to breathe fresh air
  • Great for your heart, lungs and overall body
  • It can help to burn a lot of calories and help in healthy weight management

We hope now you know what you should be including in your winter exercise routine and why is it so important for you to workout regularly. Stay healthy and burn more calories.

PMS: Signs and Symptoms

Premenstrual syndrome or PMS is a phase that hits most women a few days before her menstrual cycle, which can affect her emotional health, physical health, and behaviour. Usually, the symptoms of PMS start 5 to 11 days before her menstruation date. As per a lot of studies conducted around the world it is believed that PMS premenstrual syndrome is related to a change in the levels of sex hormone and serotonin at the beginning of the menstrual cycle. 

During certain times of the month, there can be an increase in the levels of estrogen and progesterone. An increase in these hormones can cause premenstrual symptoms like mood swings, anxiety, and irritability. The change in the levels of serotonin in the brain and gut can affect a woman’s moods, emotions, and thoughts.

Since we already know what is PMS let us discuss some of the factors that can be a reason for premenstrual syndrome:

  • Earlier medical history of depression or mood disorders can be reasons behind a woman’s PMS symptoms. This can be due to postpartum depression or bipolar disorder.
  • Family history of PMS can be a big reason behind Premenstrual syndrome. If a mother has PMS symptoms, then it is quite possible that the daughter can inherit that from her.
  •  PMS mood swings symptoms are quite common with those who have a family history of depression.
  • PMS symptoms are common among women who are facing the problem of domestic violence, physical trauma, emotional trauma or substance abuse.

A woman’s menstrual cycle lasts an average of 28 days typically. However, it can vary if she has hormonal disorders or PCOS. An egg is released from the ovaries on the 14th day of her menstrual cycle. This phase is known as the ovulation period. Menstruation or period occurs on the 28th day of her cycle.

Period symptoms can begin around the 14th day and last until 7 days after the start of bleeding or menstruation. The symptoms of PMS can be mild, moderate or severe. As per research, around 80 percent of women have reported mild symptoms of PMS that usually do not affect their daily life. However, twenty (roughly) percent of women who have reported facing problems of moderate to severe PMS symptoms that can affect some aspects of their life. 

Here are some of the symptoms of PMS:

  • Period cramps are the most reported symptoms that 60% of women face both before and during her periods.
  • Abdominal bloating can be due to indigestion and is one of the most common PMS symptoms.
  • Sore breasts or tender breasts can be symptoms of PMS
  • Acne and pimples are other PMS problems that most women suffer.
  • Another PMS symptom includes food cravings. 
  • Both constipation and diarrhoea can be PMS symptoms.
  • Mild to severe headaches and sensitivity to light or sound
  • Tiredness or fatigue is another symptom of PMS.
  • Changes in sleep patterns can be a PMS symptom.
  • Period mood swings are quite common among women before the starting of her menstruation. The symptoms include anxiety, depression, sadness, irritability and emotional outbursts.

Some of the PMS treatments include:

  • Drinking plenty of water can help in easing abdominal bloating.
  • Eating a balanced diet can help in improving a woman’s overall health and energy level.
  • Consuming supplements like folic acid, calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B-6 and magnesium can help in reducing cramps and mood swings.
  • Sleeping at least eight hours per night can help in reducing fatigue
  • One can exercise to decrease bloating, reduce stress and improve their mental health

PMS symptoms can recur every month, but they go away after your menstruation. To reduce or eliminate the PMS symptoms, one needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a comprehensive treatment.

Top 20 Bodybuilders of All Time | MuscleBlaze

You might have seen those people at the gym, who half-heartedly lift weights and keep checking for texts on their smartphones in between. Then they’ll be just gulping down a protein shake and talking about those 2 reps they tried today. Well, you can put up decent muscle mass if you are even a bit serious. However, the key difference between a normal gym-goer and serious bodybuilders is that the latter is more dedicated towards building muscles and they are ready to walk the extra mile to achieve their target.

Bodybuilders train a lot more than the average people do because for them their body is everything and they plan to make a living out of it by choosing bodybuilding as a career. In this case, it totally makes sense that they spend hours in the gym grinding their body. Bodybuilders have an incredible ability to pack on muscles and grow them bigger and bigger with each passing year.

No matter where they came from or how much they struggle to reach where they are, this list has got bodybuilders from all over the world. Some of these bodybuilders started off at an early age and some blossomed late, but eventually, they were successful.

They have been a part of many things from acting to consulting as side projects. They have been record-setters for many years. Let’s have a look at the top bodybuilders and their journey.

At the tender age of 11, this man got into bodybuilding because his older brothers were into lifting. As a curious child, he lifted alongside his brothers and realized that it was his thing. He then researched more about it and went on to learn about ace bodybuilders in the 1980s such as Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Chicago Pro Invitational held in1992 was his first pro qualifying event and he soon became a bodybuilding sensation across the globe. Though he never won Mr. Olympia, he has been to the list of top 5 participants in it many times. He is almost 50 now and hasn’t competed for a while. But who knows he might make a comeback soon.

This list would have been incomplete without the mention of this incredible hulk. Lou Ferrigno struggled a lot during his childhood because he suffered from hearing loss that was due to an ear infection he developed in youth. This led him to be very shy. Reading comic books and thinking of being a muscular person similar to the ones in those comics, he got lured towards bodybuilding. At the age of 12, he started lifting weights and trained hard for the coming decade and eventually became the youngest man to grab the title of the IFBB Mr. Universe competition two times in a row.he was the youngest contestant to be a part of Mr. Olympia contest, at the age of 23. And as we all know, he went to become The Hulk by entering Hollywood.

This American stalwart is an IFBB professional physique competitor. In the last 7 years, he has been the winner of various IFBB & NPC titles. He is said to be among the richest bodybuilders in the world with a net worth of around 1.9 million USD.

This Bulgarian hunk is a professional bodybuilder, fitness athlete, and personal trainer. He has got a huge fan following on social media platforms and he is quite active there. He has got millions of followers on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. His net worth is estimated to be approx 2 million USD.

Born in the former USSR, Dennis Wolf moved to Germany with his family when he was 14. At the age of 15, he started bodybuilding. At the age of 21, he started competing and by 2005, he had become a pro. In 2006, he made his professional debut at IFBB. he has built up impressive muscles and has been successful so far.​​

This gentleman on this list is an 8-time consecutive winner of Mr. Olympia. He broke the record of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s seven-title streak. In the 1980s, he totally dominated the bodybuilding world and ever since he has retired, he is living a quiet life with his wife and two kids. He has been regarded as the best bodybuilder of all time. He runs two fitness centers in Atlanta.

Originally named Ken, this bodybuilder is better known by the name of Flex. Since 1993, he has been slaying his ripped physique and big muscles. He won the ‘triple crown’ in 1997 which is claiming the titles of the Ironman, San Jose Classic, and Arnold Classic, which makes him the best bodybuilder. He is also known as ‘The Sultan of Symmetry’ because of his flawless physique.

He is popularly known as ‘the gift’ and throughout his school days, he was an active participant in varsity basketball and even earned a scholarship in basketball to the University of Denver. After graduating from the university, he found out about bodybuilding in 2002. He transformed his physique and went from 185 pounds to 215 pounds of pure muscle and then for The Rocky Mountain NPC USA Championship, he cut down to 192 pounds and won the competition. He racked up a whole slew of various titles including the IFBB Pro card & Mr. Olympia 4 times.

This beast is just 5’8 tall but don’t underestimate him. Hailing from the United States of America, this bodybuilder has set a record in deadlifting by lifting 760 pounds. He has the ability to bench press 600 pounds. Before venturing into bodybuilding, he served in the armed forces, and this helped him inculcate discipline in his life which was crucial for his bodybuilding career.

This handsome hunk came into the limelight for getting his name in Guinness Book of World Records for biggest arms, biceps, & triceps. This record however sparked a debate on whether those gains were natural, but this man completely slays his 31-inch guns. He can easily lift 600 pounds. He gives credit to the heavy-protein diet that he consumes daily. This Egyptian bodybuilder dedicates 3 hours of his day to work out.

He is a bit new when compared to other bodybuilders who were taking the world by storm in the 1980s and early 1990s. Then, Roelly was just getting used to this world of bodybuilding and once he set up his foot, there wasn’t any turning back. He built 285 pounds of pure muscle with a body frame of just 5’6. In the 2009 NPC Arnold Amateur Championships, he began competing and won the championship. From there, he has continued to grow and has gained widespread popularity. He is sure to become a big shot in the coming years.

His former English bodybuilder is a pro. He is a 6-time winner of the Mr. Olympia competition. He won this championship 6 times in a row and holds 5th highest position among the bodybuilders who have won this title, i.e., he has 5th highest number of this title’s wins of all time. He is also regarded as one of the wealthiest bodybuilders in the world.

This American IFBB professional bodybuilder has a pile of awards and trophies at his home that he has won in various competitions. He is such a bodybuilder who has won the maximum number of professional bodybuilding competitions than any other bodybuilder ever has. In his entire career, he has competed in more than 85 competitions out of which 8 were in the year 2002 itself. No that’s insane!​​​

This ace bodybuilder is of American origin and is a professional IFBB bodybuilder. In the 1980s and early 1990s, he was at his prime, participating in many bodybuilding competitions. After the WBF disbanded, he too, took a break from bodybuilding. In the year 2006, he competed for the final time.

This man from the land of diversity, India, is an inspiration to many vegetarian aspiring bodybuilders. Yes, he is a pure veg bodybuilder who has made his country proud several times. He is the best natural bodybuilder that the world currently has. This owner of a perfectly ripped body has won the 65th World Bodybuilding Championship and was the winner of Mr. Universe’s title. He won the title of Mr. India twice. He also bagged a silver medal in the Arnold Classic Amateur in 2012-13. He has got several medals.

This man had a troubled childhood and to cope up with it he turned to lift weights. He was just in 7th grade. As a teen, he started flexing his growing muscles and then went on to transform his overall physique. Just before his 19th birthday, he earned the honor of being the youngest professional bodybuilder in an all-natural way. He then went on to the NPC so that he can qualify for IFBB recognition. His hard work finally paid off and after 16 years he stepped into his first-ever bodybuilding circuit and became a pro athlete in the ranking of IFBB professionals.

This ace Indian Bodybuilder has won the IFBB championship for 3 years in a row (2015, 2016, 2017). This star bodybuilder was also crowned as Mr. Universe in 2014. He is known as the most humble and hard-working bodybuilder in the whole circuit. He is also the best bodybuilder ever the country has produced.​

This retired bodybuilding IFBB Pro comes from Olfen, Germany. An Austrian bodybuilder inspired him to step into their field and he saw Arnold Schwarzenegger’s films and got motivated to transform himself. At the age of 16, he began to train and went on to win his first competition at the age of 18. In 1993, he won the title of Mr. Universe. He has also been a part of a few acting and modeling projects.

This star bodybuilder started his bodybuilding journey late as compared to many other bodybuilders who started off at the age of 12 or 13. At the age of 19, he began to lift weights and after 5 years, he participated in his first competition, the Bachgau Cup. In no time, he was a pro-rated bodybuilder who kept on packing muscle mass and formed a perfectly carved physique.

Born in Germany, his father was a military man. At the age of 18, he began to lift weights and soon caught the eyes of people. Though he hasn’t been able to score highly impressive finishes, yet, he has earned 4th position in Mr. Olympia. Over the years, he has managed to maintain his sturdy physique and is always motivated to perform better.

This is one name without which this list would have meant nothing. Whether you are aware of bodybuilding or not, this is one name that you are most likely aware of. He is the greatest bodybuilder of all time. This bodybuilder has set various records in the fitness world. He is the youngest person to win the title of Mr. Universe (20 years old). He has several titles in his bag and has been awarded Mr. Olympia title 7 times in a row. He ventured into Hollywood after earning US citizenship. He has starred in many movies such as Stay Hungry, Hercules, and Conan the Barbarian. He shot to fame in Hollywood through the record-breaking successful movie, Terminator. Undoubtedly, he’s the greatest bodybuilder of all time..

This man is an absolute beast who has made it big in the bodybuilding world. He is the top bodybuilder today and has set a new standard for muscle building. He has a contest weight of around 300 pounds. This feat isn’t achieved by many bodybuilders. He was initially a footballer and started working out to improve his game. During his university years, he kept playing soccer and decided to become an accountant. To get some job opportunities, he moved to Texas, and that is when things changed for him. He was looking for a job and came across an advertisement asking for someone to join the police force. He joined and was motivated by his fellow officers to hit the gym. And the rest was history. He took the world by storm with his first competition itself in 1990. He earned an IFBB  Pro card and went on to win multiple titles. He has a record of winning the most titles by an IFBB professional. He has got 26 titles with 8 of them being Mr. Olympia titles.

How To Lose Belly Fat Within a Month?

Are you tired of your belly fat and want to get rid of them? Abdominal fats are the most stubborn guests of your body, who never seem to leave. This is that nuisance that makes your dress tight and is responsibleLose Belly Fat for deteriorating your health condition. However, nothing is impossible as with proper exercise and diet, you can lose them easily. In this article, we will be sharing a few tips and tricks that will help you to lose those stubborn fats within a month.

When we say more and more fluids do not consider those sugar-filled aerated drinks as healthy fluids. To reduce your waistline you need to drink lots and lots of water. Now you must be wondering how to reduce body fat with water? Well! Water helps in flushing out toxins from your body, helps in regulating your metabolism rate and aids in proper digestion. This helps in reducing bloating problems and burning more calories, which in turn, helps in reducing your abdominal fats.

Are you wondering how to lose fat using supplements and are they healthy? Consuming good quality fat burner or weight reduction supplements are effectively helpful in reducing belly fats and yes these are absolutely healthy. HealthKart Keto Burner is one of the best supplements that is loaded with vital nutrients that supports healthy weight loss. This product contains Garcinia cambogia fruit extract that is known to promote fat loss by inhibiting the synthesis of oxaloacetate and acetyl-coenzyme A (acetyl-CoA) which are the building blocks of fat. Green tea extracts contain Catechins and caffeine, which help in regulating your metabolism rate and thereby helps in reducing belly fats. Now MCT Oil is another amazing supplement that helps in reducing belly fats. These supplements are loaded with essential minerals and vitamins that not only aids in weight loss but also helps in keeping you healthy. You can also use supplements like green tea and apple cider vinegar, these are great for reducing belly fats.

If you wish to lose body fat, then the first thing you have to do is keep a check on your diet. You should include more protein and fewer carbs in your diet plan. You can eat more sources of protein like pulses, eggs, milk, beans, etc. and try to avoid refined food like white bread, white rice, which are sources of carbs. Also, include essential fatty acids and nuts in your diet chart, this will help in cutting down excess fats from your belly. Say no to junk food or food that contains sugar, if you really wish to lose belly fat. Instead, try to eat more green vegetables and fruits. However, it is advisable to skip eating potatoes and bananas, if you are on a weight loss spree. Have more and more fibrous food items, this will aid in proper digestion and thereby reduction of belly fats. Some of the best fibrous food includes oats, carrot, quinoa, barley, etc. You can also include seeds as these are a healthy source of vitamins and minerals. Some examples include chia seeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc.

Exercise helps in burning the extra amounts of calories and therefore it is a must if you want to lose fat from your body. Some of the best belly fat exercises include crunches, running, cycling, side dumbbells, skipping, aerobics, etc. Try doing more and more cardio along with floor exercises as these help in burning stubborn belly fats. You should include yoga along with these fat-burning exercises to reduce fat. Some of the best yoga includes anulom vilom, dhanur asana, surya namaskar, butterfly yoga, etc. These exercises help in boosting your metabolism rate and boosting your immunity, along with reducing belly fats.

Conclusion: If you follow a good diet plan along with regular exercise, then you will surely get the desired results within a short span of time. Stay connected with us to know more about fitness.

Wellness Tips for Women

A woman’s mind and her body undergo multiple changes right from birth, puberty, pregnancy, post-pregnancy to the time she gets menopause. She has to play several roles in her life be it of a daughter, a mother, a wife, or a successful entrepreneur. The unprecedented changes in her lifestyle to cope up with the many challenges can show a lot of repercussions on her health and body. Therefore, it is vital that she should know the right way to keep herself well both physically and mentally.

Here are some mental and health tips for women,  that will help her stay fit and happy:

The first and foremost thing that one has to keep in mind is eating the right food.

Here are some healthy dieting tips:

  • Eat protein-rich food like eggs, lentils, milk, etc.
  • Eat fewer amounts of carbs
  • Include more fibres to your diet like oats for breakfast, pulses, etc.
  • Cut down sugar as much as you can
  • Opt for green vegetables and fruits that are rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Lessen the amounts of junk food intake
  • Say no to soda
  • Lessen the amounts of alcohol intake

If you are pregnant or trying to conceive, then here are some pregnant women healthy food ideas:

  • Your body needs extra amounts of calcium and protein during pregnancy, therefore you need to increase the amounts of dairy products.
  • Increase the amount of folic acid intake. This can be done by consuming more and more green leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli, etc. You can also include eggs, legumes, avocado intake as these are considered healthy foods for a woman during pregnancy.
  • Consume sweet potatoes as these are rich in vitamin A, which help in the proper development of the fetus.
  • Omega 3 plays an important role in pregnant women’s healthy diet plan. Try to consume salmon as these are rich in both DHA and EPA, which helps in the development of baby’s brain and eyes.

Along with eating the right food, one should also burn the calories that are being consumed throughout the day. There are a lot of exercises and yogas that help in enhancing women’s fitness journey.  Here are some workouts that might help in burning some extra pounds:

  • Go for a walk if you do not like to go to the gym. Make sure you do brisk walking and not strolling.  If you want some tips for a healthy heart, then nothing can be better than brisk walking or running.
  • A lot of girls nowadays are facing problems with PCOS and PCOD, which can cause a sudden weight gain and increase their insulin levels. Yogasana and the right diet are the best health tips for girls who have these problems. There are a lot of yogas that will help in regulating your menstrual cycles, reduce your weight and improve hormonal disbalance.
  • Go to the gym and do cardio exercises and weight training.
  • Turn on the music and dance on your favourite song.

Drink a lot of water as it helps in flushing out the toxins from your body. In fact drinking, 3 to 4 litres of water can also help in reducing your weight. You can also make detox drinks using fruits and mint leaves, this will help in detoxifying your body from within and bring a shine to your skin. You should also try to skip tea and coffee and instead opt for green tea. Drinking lots of water is one of the best tips for a healthy pregnancy too as it helps in maintaining the amniotic fluid in the body.

With the increase in age especially after 30, women are at high risk of cervical cancer. Therefore, it is mandatory for women to go for a pap smear test after every 3 years of gap. This is one of the best women’s tips that can help her stay healthy and disease-free.

Taking the right food is important but sometimes due to the busy schedule of a woman’s life, she might not be able to get the proper nutrition. There are a lot of supplements that help in providing proper nutrition for women. One such supplement is JustHer Protein with Herbs, which is a gluten-free supplement that is loaded with nutrients that help in regulating hormones in a woman’s body and providing the required amounts of protein.

Conclusion: Good mental health and good physical health both are equally essential for staying well. While we take care of our physical health, we sometimes tend to ignore our mental health. Try to talk to your loved ones, share your thoughts with them and if you are into depression try to seek the advice of a psychiatrist ( there is no harm in that). Stay healthy, do exercise, eat the right food, sleep a lot, stay happy and stress-free.

Weight Loss: How to Lose Weight During Sedentary Lifestyle

Weight loss is one of the biggest issues in the health world. As it doesn’t have only one reason, the approach of achieving the goal varies as per reasons. There is a common notion to lose weight and that is burn the calories that you have for one day. So health experts suggest taking supplements, home exercises for men, or many more. But it becomes tricky when we are in a sedentary lifestyle and don’t have enough time to exercise or feel lazy by sudden change of brain from sedentary jobs to physical activity. Here you will find everything that will help you to lose weight during the sedentary lifestyle.

A sedentary lifestyle is also called inactive lifestyle wherein most of the time in a day goes in a lot of sitting or lying down without sufficient or no amount of physical activity. The sedentary lifestyle cause of many diseases including:

  • Risks of certain kinds of cancers.
  • Depression and anxiety.
  • Cardiovascular risks.
  • Decreasing muscle mass in the skeletal.
  • Elevated cholesterol levels.
  • And Being overweight

Jobs must be done but you can make lifestyle changes so that your health will not suffer. There are some fixes to the sedentary lifestyle everyone should keep in mind.

  • Take a walk to the workplace.
  • Avoid lift, use staircases and include the weight loss exercises at home.
  • Stand instead of sitting while using public transport.
  • Walk during the lunch breaks and you can take Protein For Man/Women with your lunch so you will feel fuller and can avoid the unhealthy snacking.
  • Set the reminder to stretch or walk in every half hours.
  • Try to work by standing.
  • Consume more water, protein breakfast, and nutrients.
  • Get your water, coffee, or tea by yourself by walking to the pantry.
  • Receive your calls outside and walk at the same time.
  • Join any fitness activity. Usually after such a long time in sedentary jobs, we don’t feel like doing exercises so have Pre workout one hour before your workout timing that will give you enough energy to start.

If you are up to losing weight in a sedentary lifestyle, you need to follow one simple rule that is burn more calories than you are receiving in a day which looks quite impossible in a sedentary lifestyle. Follow some tips to make your metabolism function even if you are in a sedentary lifestyle.

  • Limit your calorie intake per day that is called portion control. When you overeat, the fat stores in unwanted body parts like waist, buttock, thighs, and belly. This is very hard to burn if it has already taken place. Try to have a complete protein food instead of carbohydrates and fats.
  • Cut down sugar: Sugar has dominated our lifestyle and is a great source of calories which results in unhealthy weight gaining. So choose your bite carefully.  Avoid all foods which are high level in sugar like chocolate, cake, sweets, doughnuts, and many more. You can say yes to jaggery, honey, deserts, and other natural sweets. You can use whey protein isolate as it is almost lactose free.
  • Say no to processed foods: Processed food is the best friend of sedentary lifestyle and obesity. These are dip fried in the refined or other health hazardous oil. Many chips, snacks, and others are not immune from it. So, use the food which contains olive oil, ghee, whey protein, coconut oil, mustard oil instead of them.
  • Micronutrients intake: Micronutrients like vitamins and minerals are very capable of boosting our metabolism that helps us to lose weight in a healthy way. Include himalayan or pink salt in your diet for minerals and fruits for vitamins.
  • Fat burning workouts: Try to do strengthening and flexible exercises which are the best fat burning workouts. Include running, swimming, bicycling, weight training, body weight training, dance, acrobatic, and others in your lifestyle.

Yes, it is shown in many studies that a sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of adolescent depression. In the study sedentary lifestyle was found correlated to depression. Increasing sedentary hours per day were increasing depressive symptoms by 11%, 8%, and 10.5% among children aged 12, 14, and 16.  Whereas increasing physical activity was soothing these depressive symptoms. The study concluded that increasing the amount of physical activity can ease upon the mood swings, impaired concentration, lacking in pleasure, and many more instead of a sedentary lifestyle.

Though technology has blessed us with so many benefits in education, health, travelling, easy access, ordering from one place, booking a cab just by sitting on the chair,  and many more, there are some side effects of the comfort of a sedentary lifestyle. These side effects contain a high amount of death risk so must be addressed at priority. So that our comfort of sedentary lifestyle and health can go hand in hand.