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Cold Weather Workout

Written By Jyoti Jaswal

Is the chilly weather making you too lazy to workout? Well! If you weren’t keeping yourself active till now and kept on layering yourself inside the quilts, then it is time for you to warm up your body with some exercises.  

Benefits of doing workout in cold weather:

  • In chilly temperatures our heart does not have to work as hard as it does during the summers.
  • We  sweat less and spend less amounts of energy to do the same amount of exercise in winter as compared to hot weather.
  • Sunshine during winters is much bearable and hence exercising outdoors in the morning is the best way of providing your body with the much needed warmth and vitamin D.
  • As per a lot of studies, it is found that exercising in the cold can help to transform white adipose tissue (WAT) or white fat  into calorie-burning brown adipose tissue (BAT) or brown fat.

All of these benefits indicated that one can exercise more efficiently and reduce extra fats from their body during winter.

  1. Running 

Put on your winter track pants and go out for jogging or running. It is the best winter workout that can help you burn more calories and give your body the warmth it needs during cold weather. 

Running can help in the following ways:

  • Regular jogging or running can help in strengthening your bones and muscles.
  •  Taking up running as your winter work out can help to maintain your cardiovascular health.
  • It can help to maintain healthy weight and burn a lot of calories
  1. Zumba/ Dance

A lot of people don’t like to hit the gym and workout on those heavy equipment. However, a little bit of music can help you shed your boredom during winter. If you are not a gym person, then you can always take up zumba or dancing as your favorite winter exercise. Not only is grooving with beats of music interesting, but also super effective when it comes to fitness.

Here are a few benefits of doing zumba or dance during winter:

  • It is the best and innovative way of including fun and fitness together
  • Dance or zumba can help you burn a lot of calories and maintain a healthy weight
  • Zumba/ dance is the best winter exercise that works on your full body and also helps to keep you warm
  • It can help to improve cardiovascular fitness
  1. Yoga

Yoga is the best exercise that can be done in both winter and summer, no matter what the temperature outside is. You can easily do yoga exercises in cold weather at home or outdoors. This ancient form of exercise can help to heal both your body and mind. There are specific yoga asanas for specific parts of your body. For example: Dhanusanasa for back pain, Bhujangasana for reducing belly fat, butterfly pose for a healthy reproductive system, surya namaskar for overall body and more.

Here are some of the benefits of doing yoga:

  • Yoga asanas can help to improve your strength, balance and flexibility.
  • A lot of yoga exercises can help to relieve back pain during winter due to stiffness.
  • It can help to reduce arthritis pain
  • Some of the outdoor winter workouts can also help you to get enough vitamin D from the sun and keep your body warm, while healing your soul from within (mental peace due to yoga).
  • Yoga is good for maintaining beautiful skin and hair
  • Including  yoga in your winter workout routine can help you to lose a lot of weight.
  • It can help to  improve your sexual health
  • It can help to reduce depressure, anxiety and improve your sleep 
  1. Snow Sports

If you stay somewhere in the rocky mountains and can enjoy the white beauty (snow), then make sure to reap its full benefits. Sports activities like skiing, snow-ga, trail running, scenic hiking or walking, etc. are the  best things to do to burn calories amidst the beauty of nature. The best time to exercise in winter in a snowy area is during the day as it will help you to enjoy the sunshine and also warm your body. 

Benefits of snow sports:

  • It helps to burn more calories
  • These activities are great for your cardiovascular health
  • These sports activities are great for both your body and mental health
  1. Play your favourite outdoor games

The other best thing that you can do is to include outdoor sports activities to your winter workout plan. Be it cricket, football, basketball or anything that you like, try to take out sometime and enjoy your favourite sports. This is the best way of burning calories while having fun.

Benefits of Outdoor Sports:

  • You get to breathe fresh air
  • Great for your heart, lungs and overall body
  • It can help to burn a lot of calories and help in healthy weight management

We hope now you know what you should be including in your winter exercise routine and why is it so important for you to workout regularly. Stay healthy and burn more calories.

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