Transformation 3 MIN READ Jan 25, 2016

Shanu transformed into a lean machine

22/23 90kg > 65kg 40% > 20%
GAT Nitraflex Preworkout

It all started with a dream. The dream to carry six pack fuelled with determination, discipline and hard work. Compete with yourself and be patient and focused, No one can stop you reach your goal the way I reached mine.

Why you decided to Transform?

It was my dream to present myself to my brother with a six packs on his marriage . I wanted to be fit & healthy and had a passion to transfer myself against all odds from obese couch potato to 6 pack hunk. Moreover, its fun to wear confidence, not a T-shirt on a hot summer day. I believe it's my only one life, and I have to make the most of it.

How did you accomplish your Goal:

It was sheer will power, determination, discipline and hard work. I followed strict diet plan coupled with customized workout program, Drank litres and litres of water and took extra care to ensure that my body has all the nutrition it needs after hard workout.

Suggestion for future transformers

Never give up focus on your dream because one day your signature be like an a autograph.
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