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Always Remember Why You Started – Abhishek Lohia’s Journey

21/25 54kg > 84kg 13% > 18%

1. Why did you decide to transform?

I decided to transform my body because I was bullied and body shamed as I was really thin.

2. How did you accomplish your goals?

I made sure that I never forget what I have been through in the past. And whenever I was close to quitting, I reminded myself as to why I started this journey in the first place.

3. Training routine that helped you achieve your goals?

On alternate days, I kept 2 hours in the morning for weight training with 15 minutes of cardio. Along with this, I made sure I took a proper diet.

4. Which supplements did you take?

Protein has been a go-to supplement for me and along with it I took creatine and citrulline malate. Sometimes, I also take pre-workout as well as multivitamins.

5. What challenges did you face during your transformation?

I was really demotivated when I realised that even though I’m working hard I could not get the desired results. Later, I realised that this was due to my lack of knowledge on the right diet and supplements. Moreover, family and friends tried to stop me from going to the gym and consuming supplements. Lack of money also posed an issue, as it made it hard for me to buy supplements.

6. Suggestion for future transformers.

Always listen to your heart and mind. Ignore all those who demotivate you. Always remind yourself why you started this journey before thinking of quitting.

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