Transformation 2 MIN READ Oct 2, 2023

Change Happens When You Give It Your All – Amit Bisht’s Journey

19/26 49kg > 72kg > 12%

1. Why did you decide to transform? 

Back in 2017, I decided to join the gym since I was really thin and was not confident about my overall personality. Plus, my friends used to make fun of me. That’s why, I decided to transform my body and here I am. 

2. How did you accomplish your goals? 

Initially, I had no idea about fitness, exercise, or nutrition. For two years, I was just going to the gym and even found a mentor who guided me in my journey.  

There were changes in my body but not as I was expecting. From there on, I started educating myself and doing experiments with nutrition and exercises which helped me a lot and I started getting results too. The journey has been full of learning.

3. Training routine that helped you achieve your goals 

When I just started, I used to train one part of my body at a time and continued like that for three years. But then I came across this split – Push, Pull , Leg. 

I started following this split and made a few changes as per my needs. I also started tracking my progress in the gym and kept a check on my nutrition. This change in my routine helped me a lot to bring changes in my body . 

4. Which supplements did you take? 

For the first three years, I was skeptical about using supplements. After educating myself thoroughly, I started taking whey protein, multivitamin, fish oil and creatine. These supplements made it easier for me to achieve my goals.

5. What challenges did you face during your transformation? 

I was in college when I started my fitness journey. Initially, it was a bit difficult but then the determination to change my body made me push my own boundaries . 

After my college, I started working, which is when the real challenge started. Owing to rotational shifts and long commuting hours, I had to keep changing my routine. While these challenges were there, somehow I managed to overcome all these obstacles.

6. Suggestion for future transformers. 

The only suggestions I would give them is to be consistent with gym and nutrition. It’s going to take time; it’s a journey which has no end . I see a lot of new guys coming to the gym and they have this mindset that they can build muscle or transform themselves in a few months. But my suggestion to them is that it is important to understand that it takes a lot more time if done naturally. So, patience and consistency are game changers. 

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