Transformation 1 MIN READ Mar 7, 2023

Going All the Way – Tushar Chugh’s Story

19/20 85kg > 74kg 20% > 9%

Why did you decide to transform?

I decided to transform myself because I used to be fat and wanted to look fit as I realised that fitness is of utmost importance.

How did you accomplish your goals?

So, I accomplished my goal by doing a lot of hard work and it was not easy for me to transform myself. But I made sure I go to the gym regularly and made my own fat loss diet plan by watching some YouTube videos.

Training routine that helped you achieve your goals

I followed a very basic training routine in which I trained one body part at a time and did cardio after that. But I believe that weight training has played a great role in helping me lose fat faster.

Which supplements did you take?

I didn’t take any kind of supplement to achieve my fitness goal.

What challenges did you face during your transformation?

The biggest challenge I faced during my transformation was finance because as a college student, it has been quite difficult for me to arrange money for my diet.

Suggestion for future transformers

My suggestion for the future transformers is that it is very important for you to not give up. If you stick to your goal, you will get great results and fitness is something that will stay with you for life. So, don’t leave it midway.

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