Transformation 2 MIN READ May 12, 2021

Hard Work And Consistency Does Pay Off!

21/24 48kg > 66kg >

1) Why did you decide to transform?

I decided to transform because I was very skinny and my weight was around 48 kgs. I wanted to change myself completely as I had a lack of confidence and fear of being bullied by the people.

In the beginning I had no knowledge and guidance about the training, workout and diet but later on I learned the techniques. I faced a lot of difficulties during my transformation but I continued my workout in every situation. I used to do my workouts even after my night shifts.

2) How did you accomplish your goals?

I simply never gave up on my dreams of achieving my goals. I used to see so many motivational videos and many bodybuilders who have kept their focus on one thing in their lives. Everybody has their own story and everyone has to struggle in life but the only winner is those who never give up. If they fail they try again, so that’s the simple thing which I only know and continue.

3) Training routines that helped you achieve your goals?

I mostly do my training or workout at night after my shift. I just focus on my workout, meal and rest.

I workout 5 days consecutively and take 2 days for recovery. The workout is for 50 minutes a day and I mostly do compound exercises for strength and for muscles size. I want to transform my body naturally and wish to compete in Musclemania Physique India in 2021.

4) Which supplements did you take?

I take Whey protein, Multivitamins and Creatine at times.

5) What challenges did you face during your transformation?

I have faced quite a few problems during my transformation as I only used to get time to workout after my shift. There were times even when I had to skip my diet because of work commitments and at times I was unable to buy supplements. But that never stopped me from getting back up again and being where I am today. Challenges will come to everyone’s life, but it’s up to us how we tackle them. 

6) Suggestion for future transformers.

Work hard and hustle.

7) Mention your weight, age, body fat% before and after your transformation.

I was 21 years old and my weight was 48 kgs and now I am 24 years old with weight 66 kgs with body fat 14%.

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