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How To Put A Stop To Body-Shamers: Yash Tokas’ Journey

19/27 115kg > 75kg 37% > 15%

Why did you decide to transform?

It all started back in 2019 when I stared my college, my classmates used to call me panda man and I was very much conscious about myself just not because they call me this but why I can’t take my stand so I decided to prove them wrong. That fine day, I decided to transform myself.

How did you accomplish your goals?

I accomplished my goals by maintaining my dedication towards my workouts and calculating all the necessary nutrients my body is consuming day by day.

Training routine that helped you to achieve your goals?

Initially when I joined gym , it became my obsession. I used to hit gym Monday to Sunday and for hours but later realised that it’s not good for my body, it needs rest too as it is like a machinery you have to maintain it in a systematic way. So, after that, I made my own training routine which included training 2 of my body parts daily and have a break day on Sunday. The 2 body parts that I train was been divided in a ration of 6:3 exercises for both of the parts .

Which supplements did you take?

Initially, I didn’t take any supplements to cut my fat or to gain muscle. But later when I saw that my body fat is slowly reducing, I started taking whey protein.

What challenges did you face during your transformation?

The challenges I faced during my transformation was maintaining time.

Yes, time was the factor which always been a challenge for me as I am pursuing law. Initially, I lost all my hope because it became too hectic for me to juggle between both of them. After a while, I became used to my schedule and believed that we have to keep hustling to get something.

Suggestion for future transformers?

NEVER SETTLE , JUST HUSTLE!!!! You all are perfect the way you are – it’s just that we can still become a better version of ourselves daily! So, just never lose hope because that day will come for sure.

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    Ripika Tokas
    We have seen all your hard work and saw your journey from FAT TO FIT. You and bhavya have really worked hard. Very good.
    2022 Aug 26
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