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Never Stopping Takes You Places – Piyush Bajaj’s Story

19/25 44kg > 70kg 5.73% > 10.72%

Why did you decide to transform?

I was tired of being the skinniest guy in the room and had lost all the confidence in myself. I was the constant subject for bullies and it was the lowest point of my life! I knew there was a need for change but I just couldn’t gather the motivation to do it until my father got me a membership at a local gym and nothing has been the same ever since!

How did you accomplish your goals?

It was not until 2017 when I started hitting the gym. I was lucky enough to find a great personal trainer who took good interest in helping me reach my goals. Being the skinniest guy in the gym, it was pretty difficult to settle in but the final image I had of me never allowed me to give up on my goals. So, I started working out 6 times a week and stopped my intake of junk food and before I knew it, people started to notice the hard work I was putting in everyday!

Training routine that helped you achieve your goals

For the first six months, I was enrolled into training just a single part a day. I wasn’t in need of much cardio as my fat percentage was already pretty low. After the first six months, I started with 2 Body parts a day. I usually used to match chest with triceps and back with biceps followed by shoulder & legs the next day. This schedule allowed me to rest 2 times a day and hit each of my body parts 2 times a week except biceps & triceps.

Which supplements did you take?

I was training without supplements for the first six months and after that I got myself a stack of Protein, Creatine, Fish oil, multivitamins, and Ayurvedic products like ashwagandha!

What challenges did you face during your transformation?

The challenges I faced were mostly the battles I had with myself. There were times I felt that nothing can change me and I am destined to be a skinny dude and times where I felt so discouraged regarding my results but then I used to tell myself “what’s there to lose, anyway?” and kept going. This consistency and hard work changed my life.

Suggestion for future transformers

Consistency – you have to be consistent; it’s not something you are gonna attain in a month or even 6 months. There are times when you won’t feel like going to the gym, times when your gains won’t change for a significant time. But don’t give up. This consistency will make you the beast you desire to be! Also, having a gym trainer is great but there are some things you’ll have to learn yourself. You have to be a learner always! Learn, implement, and beast up!

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    Very motivating......keep it shows your dedication and commitment....👍
    19 days ago
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