Transformation 2 MIN READ Feb 11, 2021

Pharmacist Himanshu Turns A Fitness Freak!

27/30 55kg > 75kg 25% > 18%

Why did you decide to transform?

This entire transformation started with a goal, A goal to beat the Lazy, unmotivated, ill, unfit, sad individual within me. A goal, to be the better version of myself. Being a professional Pharmacist I meet hundreds of patients day in and day out, what they actually lack is fitness. Fitness in terms of diet and training. This was the difference which motivated me to get myself transformed and challenge my inner self to break all the barriers. I wanted to be fit so that I could guide my patients and bring a change to society.

How did you accomplish your goals?

I began by setting my goals, making a plan for it and then religiously following my plans with complete commitment and discipline. This plan included a proper diet, complete training programs and right supplement nutrition.

Training routine that helped you achieve your goals?

Initially, my training routine mainly consisted of Strength building exercise like major compound movements like Bench press, Deadlifts and Squats. As I progressed, I included various isolated exercises to target different muscle groups of my body.

Which supplements did you take?

I started with Whey Protein initially but later on as I advanced in my training routine I included Creatine and Whey Protein as my Post Workout Supplement , INTRA BCAA as my Intra workout drink helping me to give sufficient energy for my Workouts and fulfilling my Hydration needs.

What challenges did you face during your transformation?

Main challenge I faced was lack of patience. In this quick city, we all need faster results. But this sense of impatience affected me to stick to my plans. Initially I got distracted from my plans just to get quick results but later on I understood that In bodybuilding, PATIENCE is the KEY. Just keep working hard and follow diet, results will come sooner or later.

Suggestion for future transformers

My only suggestion would be, stick to your plans, religiously follow them, work hard because results will come only to those who are committed to work harder and harder.

Mention your weight, age before and after your transformation.

My weight was 55 kgs with all skinny fat and disproportionate body at the age of 27. Now at the age of 29, my weight is 75 kgs with proportionate structure.

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