10 Best Protein Bars In India That You Must Try

Talking about Best Protein Bars in India, there are popular brands like MuscleBlaze and RiteBite Protein that make premium protein bars ideal for fitness and nutrition.

Protein Bars are an ideal supplement for those who are looking to manage their daily protein intake. Protein Bars make a great snack option and can be consumed pre and post-workout as well.  Protein bars are also great for those trying to lose weight. They keep you satiated and ensure that you do not have any hunger pangs. Proteins keep the body metabolism high, helping one burn more calories each day. 
Several brands of Protein Bars are available in the market. Each one is unique in its nutritional value. They also provide different types of proteins that you can choose based on your workout and diet plan. 
Below are the top 10 protein bars in India that you should try if you are targeting certain goals for your physique. 
MuscleBlaze Protein Bar - New Launch
Before we jump to read about the 10 best protein bars in India, let's have a quick look at the recently launched MuscleBlaze Protein Bar. This new Protein Bar from MuscleBlaze is an excellent supplement for your daily protein intake. Just within a month of its launch, it has become one of the popular protein bars in India. It is completely gluten-free, has zero cholesterol, no added sugars and no artificial flavors. It is fortified with healthy fats like omega-3.
  • Each serving of the protein bar weighs 72g.
  • You get 22 grams protein per serving of this protein bar.
  • You get 9.5g of carbs per serving.
  • As for fiber, you get 5.4 grams which is among the highest in the market today.
  • It has 27 essential vitamins and minerals
You can easily buy the MuscleBlaze Protein Bar online and munch your way to fitness.

10 Best Protein Bars In India 
1. BioNutritional Power Crunch Bars
These bars contain a type of protein called Protein Hydrolysate. This type of protein is very easily digestible and is readily absorbed by the body. This is the perfect protein bar if you are looking for a snack after your workout. It is a well-balanced bar when it comes to nutrition. 
  • Every bar gives you 13 grams of Whey Protein
  • You get 10 grams of carbohydrates, which means that you get an instant boost of energy. 
  • It contains 13 grams of fat. 
  • The sweetener used in this bar is a plant-based substitute called stevia. 
2. Universal Nutrition Doctor’s CarbRite Diet bar
This is the perfect protein bar if you are aiming for a low carb diet. It is completely gluten-free. It does not have any trans-fats.  
  • Each serving of the bar is only 8% of total carbohydrates. 
  • Your body gets 21g of protein with each bar. 
  • It is loaded with vitamins and minerals and contains about 15% of iron. 

3. RiteBite Max Protein 
The RiteBite Max Protein Bar is ideal for anyone who is building muscle. One of the most important reasons for the popularity of this bar is that it is very affordable. Every serving weighs 75g. It is known for its rich taste and the satiated feeling that you get with each bar. It is even considered a healthy meal replacement option. 
  • It contains real cashews and almonds 
  • With each bar, you get 20grams of protein.
  • It has 21 vitamins and minerals, which is a pretty high number as compared to many protein bars in the market. 
4. Hyp Almond Fudge Protein Bar
The Hyp Whey Protein Bar is high in carbs, which makes it great for pre and post workout. The protein content is also very rich. It is a high fiber protein, which also aids digestion. It is entirely gluten-free, has no artificial flavor, has zero cholesterol, and does not contain any artificial color. 
  • Each serving of the protein bar weighs 60g.
  • You get 20 grams per serving of this protein bar. 
  • As for fiber, you get 5.4 grams, which is among the highest in the market today. 
5. Lenny and Larry’s Muscle Brownie 
This is a unique protein bar because it is actually a brownie. You get packs of 12. It is made with whey proteins and is extremely tasty. These bars are baked and are low in sugar and provide the body with a high amount of fiber
  • With each serving of the muscle brownie, you get 20 grams of proteins. 
  • It contains 10 grams of fiber with each brownie, which means that it is great for your digestive system as well. 
  • These bars are also a low carb option as they are only made of 6% carbohydrates. 
6. Oh Yeah! Bars

These are great protein bars for building muscle. They contain not just one type of protein but a combination that makes them unique. You have a mixture of soy protein isolates, milk protein isolates, calcium caseinate and several other proteins that are very readily absorbed by the body. This protein bar is a perfect snack to eat in between meals. Since it also has readily absorbed proteins, you can even make it your stable post workout bar. Since it is loaded with carbs, you even have a pre-workout option. It is a three-in-one bar. This bar is completely gluten-free. 
  • Each serving size is 85 grams
  • With each bar, the body is loaded with 26 grams of proteins. 
  • It contains 18 grams of carbohydrates per serving. 
  • You have a fiber content of 3 grams per bar. 
7. BNRG Power Crunch

The recipe is waffle based. It is one of the delicious protein bars on the market. You have a combination of whey, soy, and milk protein. It is different from the traditional protein bars that you are accustomed to as it comes in cookie form. This bar is rich in sugar, which means that it is best to consume before a workout. 
  • Each serving size is 43 trams.
  • You get 10 grams of protein with each serving. 
  • Each bar contains 8 g of carbohydrates. 
8. Quest nutrition protein bar
The quality of proteins in this bar is excellent. In addition to that, you have a very low caloric content overall. There are zero sugars and extremely low carbs. This bar is an ideal snack before and after your workout. It is also very rich in taste, which makes it very popular. It is completely gluten-free. 
  • Each serving size is 60 grams. 
  • You get 20 grams of proteins with each bar. 
  • Every bar contains only 1 gram of sugar. 

9. Yoga Bars Protein Bar
This all-natural protein bar is based on a whey protein formula. The protein formula used in the Yoga Protein Bar is very simple. This makes it easy for the body to absorb these proteins. It is also completely free of any gluten or soy-based proteins. It is popular for its unique ingredients that make it irresistible. 
  • Each serving size is 60 grams
  • You get a total of 20 grams of protein with each bar. 
  • It contains 18.3 grams of carbs in each serving. 
  • The omega-3 content is 340 grams per serving which is the USP of this bar. 
10. Muscle Pharm Combat Crunch Protein Bar
The texture and the taste make this bar popular in the market. It is similar to a very soft cookie. It is loaded with dietary fibers and packs in a good amount of proteins per serving. It is recommended as a pre-workout bar as it contains a large number of carbs that give you the quick energy boost that you need. 
  • Each serving size is 63 grams
  • You get 20 grams of protein with each bar. 
  • It contains 17 grams of carbohydrates with each serving. 
  • With each bar, you get 12 grams of dietary fibers 
When you choose a protein bar, make sure that it does not contain any ingredient that could lead to allergies. Those allergic to gluten or soy should take maximum precaution.

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