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10 Healthy Late Night Snacks To Control Hunger

Written By Latika Gupta

Healthy Snacking

Feeling hungry in the middle of the night but conscious about your weight and calories? Fret not, here is our healthy midnight snacking guide to help you curb those hunger pangs without feeling guilty!

Everybody wants to eat healthy, but more than often we end up munching on the not so healthy food items, especially to curb those untimely hunger pangs that are beyond our control.

Night craving for unhealthy food is nothing but a part of your untimely hunger packs and is completely normal, especially when you have recently included exercising in your daily regimen. This mostly happens because your metabolic rate goes up when you start indulging in some physical activity thus giving a boost to your appetite. In such a scenario, first preference should be given to healthy late night snacks to nibble on during odd hours.

Many of us wonder why we start craving food at night? While hunger is definitely one of the main reasons, there can be other causes too, like:

Low salt or sugar levels.
Lack of protein in your body

Every night when you start feeling hungry, instead of thinking what you want to eat, think about the things that you should ideally eat. Here, junk foods are a big NO, because they might look appetizing and satisfying, but they are far from being healthy. Also, junk foods prevent you from having sound sleep, thus it’s better to look for healthy options that will help you in sleeping properly.

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Here is our small list of protein packed healthy late night snacks to control hunger that you can munch upon without feeling guilty.

Strawberry Smoothie

Healthy smoothies have become a part of almost all kinds of weight loss programs, so why not make it a part of your healthy late night munching too. All you need here is a glass of water, half cup Greek yogurt, one teaspoon honey and 3 to 4 strawberries sliced. Blend all things together, add ice cubes, pour into a glass and enjoy your glassful of good health to control your late night food craving. This protein laden smoothie comes with excellent digestion-boosting properties.


One of the best low-calorie late night snacks is delightful crackers, you can opt for multigrain, whole wheat or low-fat mini toasties options. For added taste, combine it with low-fat cheese or lean meat. Crackers are rich in protein and are good for light snacking. Avoid the ones with white flour or other starchy ingredients.


Popcorn makes a great late night snack option, especially if you are watching a late night movie, reading a book or just chatting with your friends, they make for a healthy munching option. A 94% fat-free variant of popcorn contains only 100 calories if you maintain a safe distance from butter and other flavoring agents.

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Dark Chocolate

This is heaven for all chocolate lovers, as dark chocolate is undoubtedly one of the best late night snacks you can ever think of having. Substitute your plain chocolate with dark chocolate as it contains 70% cocoa, less sugar and has more antioxidants than any other variant. It will also lower your blood sugar level and satisfy your sweet craving too, however, do not overdo it and restrict yourself to just a few cubes only.

Dried Figs

If you have a sweet tooth then chewy dried figs are perfect late night snacking idea for you. They are sweet and healthy, so even if you munch on them during night hours they will only do good to your health. For some variation, try sprinkling cheese on them and then munch for an ultimate flavorful experience.

Frozen Blueberries 

Everyone knew about the antioxidant, vitamins and fiber rich content of fruits, so why not rely on them for some healthy late night snacking to control craving. Frozen blueberries with a whipped cream over them make for a healthy odd hour dessert. This delicious fruity dessert will keep your tummy and healthy happy.

Fruits and Yogurt

Greek yogurt is full of protein and is low in fat, so why not add it to your favorite fruit and munch on it during the wee hours at night. Greek yogurt and fruits will keep your full and will also aid in your weight loss journey. Fresh fruits will add a punch of antioxidants to your odd time snacking.

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Protein Bars

Sometimes we indulge ourselves in late night snacking so that we can stay awake and energetic, if this is the case with you then you can rely on protein bars to make you feel energized and active. The chewy texture gives the feeling that you have eaten too much, but in reality, you haven’t, thus you can easily trick yourself with short snacking during night.

Quick Egg Sandwich

If your hunger pang is bigger for a bowl of fruit or yogurt then make yourself a quick egg sandwich. Boil one egg, chop it into fine slices, take whole wheat bread, put the sliced eggs between two slices, sprinkle with oregano and you are good to go. Keep it free from any kind of cheese and mayonnaise for the sake of eating healthy.

Hot Chocolate 

This one never fails, a glass of hot low-fat milk, a spoon full of cocoa powder, 2 teaspoons honey. Mix them all together and drink it up, it will definitely satisfy your senses and tummy to the maximum. Take it before going to bed for some sound sleep.

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