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10 Muscle Building Foods For Every Bodybuilder

Written By Latika Gupta

Muscle Building Foods

While proteins are considered most important for building muscle, you cannot undermine the importance of fats and carbs in the process.

If you have been bitten by the fitness bug recently, then it is important for you to understand that exercise cannot help in achieving your muscle building dreams. In order to build muscles and lose more fat, you need to include a handful of muscle building foods in your diet that will give you are a variety of proteins, carbs, and fats needed for the shredded body. 

While proteins are considered most important for building muscle, you cannot undermine the importance of fats and carbs in the process. 

Proteins help in building and maintenance of your muscles. The higher thermic effect of proteins is also considered excellent for fat loss. On the other hand, consuming fats leads to fat loss. You body tend to hold fat if you stop eating fats completely, which leads to bloating. Carbs give fuel required by the muscles for full stream energy in the gym. Lastly, fruits and veggies help in meeting your daily need of minerals and vitamins the promote recovery of a body after the rigorous workout. 

Many times, you struggle to get the right kind of foods required for muscle building, either because of your busy schedule or because of lack of information. To help you identify which foods you should be eating for gaining muscles and losing fat, we have made a comprehensive list of 10 muscle building foods that every bodybuilding aspirant must include in his diet. 


Cheapest and richest source of natural protein, eggs can meet your several natural nutrient requirements at one go. The egg yolk contains most of the nutrients and half of the eggs’ protein is found in yolk only. Additionally, it contains vitamins A/D/E and cholesterol that help in increasing testosterone levels naturally. If you are concerned about the amount of cholesterol that eggs contain, then worry not. Eggs contain dietary cholesterol which is not bound by the blood cholesterol levels. So, in case you are suffering from bad cholesterol consider lowering your body fat instead of ditching the yolk. 

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Fish Oil

Fish oil is commonly known for reducing inflammation in joints and skin, but it can be equally helpful in lowering body fat and increasing your testosterone levels. If you are not comfortable eating a fatty fish on regular basis then consider adding fish oil supplement to your diet. 


Fresh yogurt is rich in good bacteria that improves your gastrointestinal health. Avoid eating frozen or flavored yogurt is they contain added sugars and preservatives. Add plain low-fat yogurt to the berries of your choice or with flax seeds.

Flax Seeds

Undoubtedly one of the best sources of fiber, omega-3, and protein, flax seeds are the must have for building muscles and losing fat. 1 tbsp of flax seeds with low-fat curd before bed should ideally be a part of your routine. 

Chicken Breast 

Every 100gms of chicken breast contains roughly 30gms of protein. Isn’t that reason enough to include chicken breast in your meals? Also, you can easily cook chicken breast in delicious delicacies while keeping it extremely healthy. 

Sweet Potato 

The carbohydrate content in sweet potatoes is slightly lower than your regular potatoes. One medium sweet potato contains 23 gms of carbs. They are also an excellent source of vitamin A/C/B6, it also contains potassium, riboflavin and folic acid in abundance. It helps in replenishing your energy sources and fuels the muscle building process. 

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If you are struggling to gain muscles and lose fat then add nuts to your meals. Nuts of all sorts are a perfect blend of proteins, fiber and fats. They also give you calories needed for muscle building without putting extra mass on your waistline. Make them your in-between meal snack during the day. 

Lean Beef

For decades lean beef has been touted as a best muscle building food. The reason being, it contains a good combination of amino acids, creatine and B-vitamin required for muscle building. The saturated fat present in lean beef improves testosterone levels and its monosaturated fat content promotes heart health. 


Adding broccoli to your post workout meal will meet your daily need of vitamins, fiber and minerals. However, keep the cooking minimal and try having them in salad form. Fresh bell peppers, baby tomatoes, sweet corn, spinach and broccoli salad will make a heartening mill. 


Vitamin C present is oranges helps in fighting diseases, its magnesium content lowers blood pressure and is rich in antioxidant beta carotenes. Do not drink processed juice as it contains added sugars. Instead, eat raw oranges or make your own fresh juice at home. 

Putting all these foods together in your diet will help you get stronger. Once you have your diet sorted you will notice that you have started building muscle and lose fat at the same time. 

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