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5 Diet Mistakes That Can Make You Fat

Written By Saurabh Monga

If following a diet can make you fit then few diet mistakes can make you fat too. Wondering if you are making these diet mistakes? Let’s find out.

Not knowing which diet to follow

Before you start dieting, it is important that you know your body, its requirements and suitable diet to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals. For this, the best option is to consult a certified dietitian or a nutritionist. A dietitian can help you with a personalized diet plan which you can follow. Also, whenever you have questions to ask yourself before dieting or during that period, you can consult that dietitian for expert advice. Doing this will help you avoid any possible diet mistakes that can make you fat or hamper your weight loss goals.

Eating Over-sized portions

It is true that including more protein in your diet and reducing the carb content can help in weight-loss.
The Inclusion of fruit juice is also helpful and intake of low-fat salads is helpful too. But does that mean you can eat all that healthy food in any quantity you want to?

No! Eating healthy food does not mean that you can have over-sized portions of that food.

  • Excess of protein, if not teamed-up with a good exercise schedule, can be harmful
  • Over-consumption of fruit juices can increase the blood sugar levels
  • Over-eating of salads, even if low fat, can ultimately pile-up excess calories

So always remember – Over-eating is bad, even if it is healthy food. You can always munch on foods that help in weight loss

Healthy food but Unhealthy add-ons

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What’s the point of having baked nachos if accompanied with a high-calorie cheese dip?
When eating a salad aiming at weight loss, topping it up with cheese, croutons, excess olive oil, nuts & dry fruits etc., is nothing but making a fool out of yourself.

Where extra olive oil can add to the calorie count, things like cheese can add to the bad saturated fat content. So, all you need to do make 70% of the salad with fresh fruits and vegetables and for the rest you can add lean protein. Dressing with an appropriate amount of olive oil is not harmful. Or even better – Just consult your dietitian for a salad recipe suitable for your diet plan.

Consuming Diet Drinks

Diet Soda = Zero Calories = Weight Loss

The above is no truth but just a formula for weight loss fantasy.

If you thought that Diet Soda is all about just zero calories, you are wrong. Because the truth is that diet soda can’t be metabolized by your body in a normal way as diet soda has artificial sweeteners such as aspartame or sucralose etc. Not only this, drinking diet sodas can lead you to be diabetic. As our body is unable to decide how to metabolize an artificial sweetener, the brain leads the body to believe that sugar is consumed in some form. This makes the body produce insulin in response to it. Thus, more sugar cravings and therefore increased chances of consuming more sugary food. This means chances of more body fat also increases. And ultimately the actual fact becomes: Diet Soda = Weight Gain.

Lazy mornings and sleepless nights

Willpower and an active routine is something that is in your own control. No health expert or dietitian can teach you or make you do that. If you keep your focus intact, you might not make certain diet mistakes that can make you fat.

  • Do not skip breakfast
  • Do not break your exercise routine like morning walks, jogs, yoga etc.
  • Do not snack heavy before you sleep
  • Do not cut short your required sleep time
  • Avoid staying up late. Even if you are sometimes, do not snack on junk.
  • Never cheat on your diet plan.

Making a mistake is human nature, so it’s okay. But repeating it is not good. So, even if you have made any of the 5 diet mistakes that can make you fat, don’t worry; Just don’t repeat any and enjoy a fit & healthy life.

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