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5 Famous Sports Stars And Their Superstitions

Written By Saurabh Monga

5 Famous Sports Stars And Their Superstitions

Different sports stars have earned popularity around the globe. While most give major credit to their sports skills, some like to give a small part of that credit to certain superstitions too.

Let’s have a quick look at 5 famous sports stars and their almost famous superstitions.


Serena Williams

The first on this list is the famous lawn tennis player Serena Williams. And yes… Her list of superstitions is long. 

From bringing her shower sandals to the court with her to bouncing the tennis ball 5 times before the first serve & twice before the second and to avoid stepping on white lines between points, Serena Williams is believed to follow these things dedicatedly for winning matches. 

She admits that –

“”I have too many
superstitious rituals and it’s annoying.
It’s like I have to do it and if I
don’t then I’ll lose.
“And I’m not losing because I didn’t
play well, I lost because I didn’t
tie my shoe the right way and it’s
totally ridiculous because I have to
use the same shower, I have to use
the same sandals, I have to travel with the same bags.”

Michael Jordon

Michael Jordan, a basketball legend, is considered one of the best basketball player ever. But, he is not only known for his amazing skills on the court, but also to be a believer in luck. Michael Jordon used to wear North Carolina shorts under his NBA uniform as good luck charm. What’s more is that in order to cover those shorts, he started to wear relatively longer shorts which eventually became a popular trend.

Virender Sehwag

Image Source: http://infomount.blogspot.in

From 44 in 2003… To 2 in 2004… To 3 in 2005… To ——– in 2011

Wondering what all these different numbers are all about? Well, they are the jersey numbers that Sehwag sported during matches during different years.
And 2011 is blank because there wasn’t any number. Yes, you heard it right. There wasn’t any number that was printed on Sehwag’s Indian cricket team jersey during the famous 2011 Cricket World Cup that India won. Sehwag played a crucial role not only as a batsman but also as a Vice-Captain of the winning Indian team.
Sehwag’s hard work, skills and dedication undoubtedly played a vital role in the Indian victory. And if his numberless jersey had a small role in it too, is though doubtful but still most welcomed. 

Rafael Nadal

Not sure if its just something to keep him concentrated in the game or some kind of superstition, but Nadal and his being perticular about his bottles is a quite popular thing. It has been seen that Nadal ensures that his water bottles are kept in a particular fashion and put in a particular direction. Also, he is believed to always making sure to cross lines with his right foot; arriving with one tennis racket in his hand.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo is a living legend of the soccer world. From being the front runner of the amazing Manchester United to being the superstar of the great Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo has millions of fans who are crazy about his football skills and his Greek-God-like hot body. But,apart from his on-field football skills,Cristinao Ronaldo also believes in certain off-field things that he reckons help him play better. From being the first to disembark while travelling to a game by plane to putting his right foot onto the grass first when approaching the pitch, Cristiano Ronaldo is believed to follow certain lucky rituals.

Though superstitions might seem to add an odd but possibly lucky & fun element to a sport star’s life, the hard work, skills and true dedication of these sports stars cannot be denied. They all have done extremely well in their respective fields and have made their country proud.

So, it’s their amazing sports skills that have earned them their fans’ admiration, and not superstitions.

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