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5 Most Shocking Beauty Myths Busted

Written By Latika Gupta

Beauty Myths

How seriously you take your hair and skin concerns? If you are also falling in the trap of some age old beauty myths, then certainly you are not much concerned about your well being!

When it comes to beauty, some advice that we receive from people around us are beyond any logical explanation, yet such beauty myths are widespread and will continue to prevail for generations to come. 

Right from using only chemical free products to buying from the same brand and facial yoga to prevent wrinkles, here we have taken 5 biggest beauty myths that we have been believing in for a long time and have decided to clear up the misconceptions behind each of them. 

Myth 1: ‘Chemical Free’ products are safer!

Trust us when we say that there is no such thing as chemical free, when it comes to beauty and skin care products. Even if you are using herbal products, they include some amount of chemical, used during their manufacturing to improve their shelf life and efficiency. These chemicals are not necessarily man made chemicals, in some products there are natural chemicals, which might be equally dangerous for your hair and skin. Though it boils down to your personal preference, but you should always avoid buying some product just because it says ‘chemical free’ because there is no guarantee of it being inherently safer or better.

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Myth 2: Wearing nail polish all the time turns your nails yellow

Now this is half true, because wearing nail polish may turn your nails little pigmented but then there are always ways to avoid nail discoloration. Our nails are porous and they quickly absorb the pigments present in nail polishes. Dark colored nail polishes like reds have more pigment, which in reality makes our nails stained or a little yellowish in color. So as a way out you can either consider lighter hues or better use a base coat before applying any dark colored nail enamel so that your nails will not absorb their pigment. 

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Myth 3: Brushing your hair several times in a day will make them shinier 

This is one of the most common hair care myths that women across the globe have been believing in for a very long time. The sad reality here is, brushing your hair too often will do more bad then good to your hair. It will increase hair breakage as you will be tugging them in too much, thus leading to damage. Gentle brushing of few strokes here and there like twice a day is all you need to keep them shinier, as it will equally distribute the natural oils from scalp to hair shafts and cuticles thus making them reflect more light. Additionally, light brushing of hair removes impurities and stimulates blood flow in the scalp, thus nourishing hair follicles for a healthy mane. 


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Myth 4: Tanning & Toothpaste can help you get rid of pimples

Both these techniques might have shown some miraculous results in treating acne for some, but that doesn’t mean you will start applying toothpaste face mask or run for that tanning both just get over that annoying zit. 

Sun exposure may heal your pimples temporarily but it will make you experience a rebound effect like damage from harsh UV rays, dryness, production of excess oil, premature aging, etc. As far as the toothpaste is concerned, the menthol present in it might reduce the zit but the other ingredients present in toothpaste can irritate your skin for worst. You can always look for better over the counter acne solution then relying on toothpaste for acne free, flawless skin.

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Myth 5: Buy skincare products from same range for effective results

Its good to be brand conscious, especially when it comes to caring for your hair and skin, but that doesn’t mean you have to buy all your beauty care products from the same brand to get the maximum results. Brands use this as a sales technique to build fear among the customers so that they will end up buying their entire range and not a single item. There is no evidence to support their claim of using entire product range for best results. If their product is as good as they are claiming it to be then it must work as a stand alone for most effective results. Its completely up to you to decide which brand product you wish to buy for what purpose. May be, your skin loves cleanser of some brand but the moisturizer that works best for you is of some other brand. As long as your skin is happy with your product choice, you do not have to fall prey of any false claims. 

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Now that you know what to believe and what not to when it comes to caring for your beauty, hope you will be able to make a more informed decision about your skin and hair care regimen.  

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