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5 Simple Ways To Stick To Your New Year Fitness Resolution

Written By Latika Gupta

Fitness Resolutions

You have resolved to stay fit in 2017 but do you think you can stick to your resolution for long? If there is even iota of doubt in your mind here are some fool proof ways to stick to your new year fitness resolution without much effort.

So the first week of January has begun and all those who have taken a fitness resolution to get back in shape are hell bent to achieve what they have aimed for. Initial motivation and zeal to keep up with your resolution help in driving your goal further. But, what about the roadblocks that you might come across that may drift you from your resolution. 

You might get tempted by that creamy cupcake or your urge to hit the snooze button every morning may deter you from your fitness goals. But that should not ideally be the case, so to help you in your endeavor we have chalked out 10 simple ways to stick to your new year resolution without being too harsh on yourself. 

Remember, your fitness resolution should always be based on SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, result-oriented, time-bound) goals model. This way your fitness resolution will be less daunting and more attainable. 

1. Be Realistic 

Accept the fact that fitness doesn’t come overnight, so you need to be very patient. This should also reflect in your fitness resolution. Aim for long term results, which can be achieved through short plans where you can accommodate gradual changes. If you want to lose 10 kgs, aim to lose 1/2 kg or 1kg every week. If you wish to run 5 miles in a day then begin with 1 to 2 miles initially.

Pushing yourself too hard and setting unrealistic goals will make it difficult for you to maintain goal. Thus, you will end giving up on it altogether. 

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2. Pen It Down

Once you have made a realistic and measurable fitness resolution it will be great if you can just pen it down. Write your resolution on a sticky note and put it on your refrigerator, dressing table mirror and your work desk. This will give you a constant reminder of your goal and will motivate you to achieve it. However, instead of writing ‘I want to lose weight’ right more specific goals like ‘I want to lose 10kgs’. This will keep you motivated throughout your journey. 

Downloading a fitness tracking app on your smartphone can also be a nice idea to keep you on the right track.

3. Keep Plan B Ready

Unplanned meeting at work, your best friends birthday or just the laziness to stay for a little longer in bed. Excuses or just last minute obligations can sometimes play a spoilsport in following your fitness resolutions. So what to do in such a scenario? Well, we keep a plan B ready to compensate for what we have lost. A pair of running shoes in your car or under your office desk and some healthy munchies in your bag can always come handy to stick to your resolution. 

4. Make Water Your Best Friend

Water keeps you hydrated, detoxifies your body, helps in weight loss, blah, blah. We all have heard this several times. But what you might have not heard is that drinking water or any other unsweetened beverage like green tea can actually cut down your cravings. Also, drinking water enhances your peak performance and energy levels. If you are not much into beverages then make your water interesting by adding citrus fruits, kiwis, berries of your choice or even our favorite cucumber to make it your go through refreshing drink. 

Aim to drink at least 2 bottles of H2O in a day and you are bound to stick to your fitness resolution. 

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5. Reevaluate Your Resolution 

There are many people who resolve to finish or at least run a marathon, but all they can do is to realize that running long distances is not their thing. The same can go for your fitness resolution too. If you have resolved to take up yoga for fitness but realized later that you want something more fast-paced, then don’t freak out, ditch it completely or blame yourself for the choice you have made. 

It is not necessary that if something is not working out for your fitness resolution then nothing will work at all. If you are not comfortable with what you have opted for, then switch your gear. Pick a different fitness resolution which seems more attainable and enjoyable to you. 

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6. Forgive Yourself 

No denying that even the best-laid fitness resolution start losing steam over a certain period of time. Once the excitement of getting into a new fitness regimen starts wading off it becomes difficult to continue. 
Slip ups are fine and are completely expected. Almost everyone stumbles upon their path to fitness or even success. If you think you cannot do it, then take some time off from your resolution or tweak it slightly, but do not even think of giving up. Forgive yourself and begin your journey towards fitness again. 

Our New Year resolution is to make sure that you stick to yours. Follow us on our Facebook Page to begin your #2017FitnessGoals journey.


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