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60 Kgs Fast Weight Loss – Inspiring Fitness Transformation

Written By Saurabh Monga

60 Kgs Fast Weight Loss in just a small span of 18 to 24 months is no less an inspiring fitness transformation. Let's have a look at how Prachi Puri achieved this feat.

At the age of 18 years she weighed 112.87 kgs. Being at the prime of her teenage and the world of opportunities before her, it was the right time to make an important decision. The decision that would transform her life in a way she would only dream of. This was the important decision of the Ultimate Fitness Transformation which aimed at fast weight loss and lean muscle gain.

Sounds fascinating?  

As fascinating it sounds, more difficult it was for Prachi. Yes! It took a discplined diet and rigrous workout plan for Prachi to acheive a fast weight loss of 60 kgs in just 18 to 24 months. Curious to know how she did it? Here’s a glimpse of her inspiring transformation journey in her own words – 

Prachi –  

My Weight Loss Motivation Began With Fear

“I have weighed close to or over a 100 kgs for atleast 12-15 years of my 21 years old life. Food had always been my escape route for many things in my life. If I was happy, food was celebration. If I was sad, food was the solution. Eating fried food 6 times a day and 2-3 bottles of cold drink with every meal was not just a habit, it was routine. And the result of all this food gorging was as expected. At the age of 18 I weighed 112.87 kgs and my fear of falling prey to diseases, rising from being obese, was at it’s prime. With it also came the fear of being seen differently because I was fat and the fear of never knowing how I would feel or look like, at my absolute best. But, this very fear became the motivation factor behind my weight loss transformation

My Weight Loss Transformation Journey – A Road Not So Easy

” Once I was motivated, I overcame a potential scare of diabetes, thyroid, PCOD, and diseases much worse, that run in the family. Now, my journey revolves around helping anyone who’s ever felt as scared, as lost or as terrified as I was, when I started. To achieve that goal I have a dedicated Youtube Channel which is just me guiding you every step of the way, sharing with you all the things I have learnt and ensuring you always have someone who’s rooting for you.”

Before & After

Past Weight – 112.87kgs (barely any muscle mass)
Weight after fat loss – 52.6kgs
Weight after Strength Training – 61.28kgs (inluding lean muscle mass)

YouTube Channel Link –


My Training 

First Half:

The first half of my weight loss journey was about sheer perseverance.

  • Power Yoga 6 days a week
  • Intense Aerobics 6 days a week

Second Half:

The second half is where I fell in love with Weight Training. Being strong took precedence over looking skinny ,which provided a sense of power and pride that is incomparable.

My Supplements

I have used Healthkart Multi Vitamin And Omega 3 Softgels, since the very beginning, which I would recommend to everyone who’s trying to lose weight

My Diet

My diet now, means looking at food as fuel for my body instead of an escape. My advice – correct nutrition is key. Learn to differentiate between the hunger in your mouth and the hunger in your stomach.

  • Diet plan consists of eating everything in moderation.
  • Not a follower of the restrictive/crash and ‘starving yourself’ kind of diets.
  • A relatively higher protein content in food to fully compliment my weight training sessions and optimal lean muscle gain.

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My Fitness Transformation Mantra

All roadblocks to your journey of sculpting your body can be avoided if you just condition your mind to become your best ally, your biggest supporter. The most important thing with achieving any goal is to just start and it’s very simple, just ask yourself – “What’s Stopping You?” 

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