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7 Common Excuses People Make To Not Workout

Written By Latika Gupta

We all know that workout should be one of our priorities in life, but we are equally good in chalking out excuses to not make workout a priority.

“You Can Either Have Results Or Excuses, Not Both” – Anonymous

Nobody is a stranger to this ‘I do not want to workout’ phenomenon as at some or the other point of time in our lives we feel unmotivated, too busy, too tired/exhausted, and what not to avoid working out. Even though we feel guilty about it later on, but we cannot stop ourselves from coming up with excuses to not workout. 

While it’s extremely easy to come up with a really good excuse to workout, it is not at all easy to reach your fitness goals with these never ending excuses. Believe when people say that the only way to reach your goals is through hard work. You need to push past your own mental and physical limits. There will be no shortcut to success in staying fit throughout your life. 

Here, we bring you 7 incredible yet quite reasonable excuses that we all make to not workout. Don’t forget, a little bit of push and some sound advice from us can help you bust through these excuses every time you think of them. 

Excuse 1: I Don’t Have Time To Workout

Undoubtedly one of the most common excuses that we all make is that we don’t have time. So, when you say that you don’t have enough time, it means you don’t have time to stay fit. Calculate the time you spend watching TV or just browsing the internet for no good reason. Can’t you replace any of this with your 10 or 15-minute fitness regimen? 

A 15-minute workout every day to stay fit will be taking only 2% of your busy schedule. Taking out 15 minutes for your fitness a few times in a week is not too much to ask for yourself, especially when you don’t want to stay unfit and overweight. 


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Excuse 2: I Cannot Afford A Gym Membership 

Who says you need to take a whopping gym membership to workout or stay in shape. You can either buy some basic gym equipment that will last you a lifetime or simply rely on your own body weight. Simple do at home bodyweight exercise are an incredible way to stay in shape without burning a hole in your pocket. Walking, running and jogging can also come handy if you use gym membership as an excuse to not workout. 

Excuse 3: I Am Too Tired To Workout

There are times when your mind tricks you by preying on your weakness. If you miss one session because of tiredness you are likely to miss more after that as your mind tricks you into believing that you are too tired to workout and exercise will only make you feel more exhausted. However, the reality is that exercising makes you feel more energized and pumped. You are less likely to feel fatigued during the day. If you feel too tired, then you need to change your sleeping pattern and not the workout pattern. 

Excuse 4: I Am Not Seeing Any Results 

If you are giving up exercising because you are not seeing results fast enough, then you are not alone. Obviously, you have not put on all that extra weight overnight, thus it will not come overnight either. Your body takes time to react to the pattern of exercising you have started. Some start seeing results within a month and some take up to 3 months to see changes in their body. 

Your fitness goal has to be very realistic with a focus on the many benefits of a workout on your mind and body. 


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Excuse 5: I Have Kids To Look After

The most common excuse that most women make to not workout. If you have kids, you need to prioritize your workouts more. Regular workouts not only give you a few minutes for yourself every day but will also keep your healthy to have a fitter old age. Also, you need to be a role model for your kids, so set an example for them and let them know the important of staying fit. 

If you argue that you have kids and you have no time, then go back to point #1 and learn to make time for a workout. 

Excuse 6: I Don’t Have Company To Workout With

This is the reason why most of the fitness enthusiasts either join a fitness class or hire a trainer. It’s easier to stay motivated to workout when you have people around, but it is not necessary that you can find a company all the time. So what to do? Master the art of working out alone. Find ways to motivate yourself, like when no one will be around you can push your limits more without worrying that others are watching. 

Excuse 7: I Cannot Workout In This Weather

We all love exercising the lap of Mother Nature, but should we allow soaring sun, pouring rain and below freezing temperature to give up on our workout? No matter whether you live in a mansion or a single room apartment, you can still workout at your home without feeling the space crunch or blaming the weather. Skipping, jumping and sprinting can easily be done indoors. 

There will surely be a time when you will not feel motivated to get out of your comfort zone and start working out. But then, it’s all about giving you that push and let the ball rolling itself. 

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