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All Gain No Loss: Your Bulking Diet For Winters

Written By Latika Gupta

Bulking diet for winters

Bulking up during the winters has always remained the best practice for those who wish to gain some muscle mass for a chiseled body. But is there any right way of doing it? This bulking diet for winters can be your go to guide for the same!

Winters have arrived and with that comes the time to move your workouts towards muscle building. This is mostly done to pack on the drool worthy lean muscles for the spring. No fitness enthusiast has ever denied the fact that winter is the best time to add muscle. During this period, you can easily hide the small amount of fat that you might have gained during your accumulation process. Though your workout remains the most important thing to achieve this, you cannot ignore the importance of your bulking diet for winters to get the desired results. 

Here we have formulated a quick winter muscle building diet checklist to help you get all your mass gaining prospects in place and also and also to ensure that you are on the right track. 

Work On Your Immune System 

Winter being the season of flu, chances of you coming face-to-face with flu-causing microbes are quite high. Top it up with all the eating you do during winters, which affects your digestive system adversely also increases the chances of catching a cold. The health of your immune system depends on your gut and your health is the true reflection of your gut. 

Thus adding a good probiotic to your diet during the winters can be a wise choice to maintain a healthy gut. Glutamine supplement can also help you go a long way in repairing the gut. 

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Measure Your Calorie Intake 

Your total calorie take is the second most important thing after your gut for a muscle building diet. If you are falling short of your total calorie numbers then no workout program can help you reach your goal of gaining sufficient muscle mass. 

The number of calories you need will depend upon individual requirements, but average calorie intake remains sixteen to twenty calories per pound of your body weight. So, you can easily begin with the average number and consume calories in this range for a period of three weeks. After that, you can assess your progress and see whether you are gaining muscle or not. If you are not gaining at the pace you wanted to, then consider increasing your calorie intake by up to 15%. 

Take Sufficient Protein 

Taking sufficient protein will be your next step in your winter bulking checklist. Protein will help you meet the amino acid requirements of your body, which are critical for repairing of broken muscle tissues. Protein supplements also help in promoting new muscle growth.

Eat Variety Of Foods

Most people follow the same diet throughout the year with the same kind of foods, but during this time you can try to change things around a bit. Replace your chicken and rice meals with fish and cauliflower. Winters make your brain slow down and also bring a sharp drop in your energy levels. Changing your food habits during this time can help you get rid of food intolerance, which is triggered by eating the same food over a certain period of time. 

The lack of sunlight makes us lack in Vitamin D as well, thus consider adding foods with high amount of Vitamin D in your diet. Here as well, instead of going for Vitamin D enriched juices, foods or milk opt for healthier options like Cod liver oil, eggs, sole, salmon, etc. 

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Proper Formulation Of Mass Gainers and Multivitamins 

Mass gainers are your perfect way to overcome your difficulty of consuming enough calories. If you think eating too much to meet your calorie intake quota will make your feel overstuffed throughout the day then you should consider adding high calorie shakes to your diet. When you are choosing your mass gainer shake to replace with your solid meal, make sure it is well formulated with less sugar. Sugar-laden shakes lead to sugar spike and make you crash shortly after. Carbohydrates and healthy fats in your shake should be well balanced. 

Same ways, a good multivitamin is necessary for your winter bulking diet. Since you will be limiting your fresh fruits and vegetable consumption to increase your calorie intake you will be missing out on a lot of vitamins needed by your body. A daily dose of multivitamin supplements will ensure that you won’t be missing out on any essential vitamins and minerals needed for good health. 

Bottom Line

It is worth finding a proper bulking up diet for winters because failing to do so will be a complete waste of your efforts in the gym and you will not get to see any substantial results by the end of the season. 

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