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Apple Cider Vinegar Side Effects and Precautions

Written By Saurabh Monga

Apple cider vinegar side effects

Apple cider vinegar is safe to drink and has great benefits. But one may experience some Apple Cider Vinegar side effects too. So do ACV side effects make it unsafe to drink? Let’s find out!

First of all, let’s be clear on one fact – Apple cider vinegar is safe to drink. A great health supplement, Apple Cider Vinegar benefits are many. From using ACV for skin to using ACV for hair and most popular of all, using Apple cider vinegar for weight loss, are among its many benefits. So why all the fuss about the safety of ACV consumption or side effects of ACV?

The answer is simple. ACV is a health supplement that is acidic in nature. Thus, it is important to know –

How much Apple Cider Vinegar is safe to drink?

Over consumption of ACV can hinder calcium absorption in the body. So, it should not be taken more than 30 ml in a day. A safe dosage of Apple cider vinegar can be one tablespoon of ACV diluted in a full glass of water before each meal for detox purposes. Consuming more than 15 ml of Apple cider vinegar in one day should be avoided.

When can you consume Apple Cider Vinegar? 

There are numerous benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar. But, it is advisable to consume Apple Cider Vinegar under the supervision of a nutritionist or a health expert. Especially, when you are looking to reap a particular set of Apple Cider Vinegar benefits like:

1.    Blood sugar control
2.    Sore throat relief
3.    Liver detoxification
4.    Wart removal
5.    Any kidney or stomach ailments etc.  

When should you avoid using Apple Cider Vinegar?

  1. Though, when drinking in recommended and safe quantity, there are many benefits of apple cider vinegar. However, in certain cases, not much information is available on the safety of drinking ACV. These are cases when a woman is pregnant or breastfeeding. So, unless approved by her doctor, it might not be considered safe to drink ACV in any quantity. 
  2. Also, in case suffering from any disease, it is advisable to consult a doctor before consuming any quantity of Apple Cider Vinegar to avoid any possible side effects.


So, let’s go ahead and have a look at some of the side effects of apple cider vinegar that you must know before you consume it.

Apple Cider Vinegar Side Effects – 

  1. Low Potassium Levels – Due to its acidic nature, one of the common side effects of apple cider vinegar is the reduction in potassium levels in the blood. So if you are drinking ACV regularly and if you experience nausea, cramps or low blood pressure, please consult a doctor to check the cause of the same. This might be because of frequent or more than recommended ACV usage.
  2. Low Bone Density – Overdosage or excessive usage of apple cider vinegar may lead to a reduction in bone density levels. This may make bones brittle and may also indirectly increase the chances of fracture in case of accidents or hard falls etc.
  3. Throat Irritation – Relief from a sore throat is one of the many benefits of ACV. However, it’s over-consumption can lead to throat irritation and worsen the sore throat condition than soothing it.
  4. Tooth Enamel Erosion – Even soft drinks can lead to erosion of tooth enamel due to the acetic nature of the drink. Similarly, ACV usage is no different. ACV consumption may also lead to erosion of tooth enamel and also cause decay.
  5. Skin burns – Using ACV on skin, especially for face cleansing, must not be done without expert guidance or consultation. Using undiluted ACV or using it in more than recommended quantity can cause skin burns. 

How to use Apple Cider Vinegar – Taking Precautions

  1. Always avoid using apple cider vinegar in an undiluted form, unless prescribed or advised by a doctor or health expert.
  2. Never consume or use ACV more than recommended quantity. Overdosage of ACV can be harmful
  3. To experience the benefits of ACV, it is a good practice to consult a health expert or doctor for the measurable quantity of ACV usage

Always remember – Apple Cider Vinegar is safe to drink and use when one exercises complete precautions for its safe consumption.

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