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Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Secrets – Decoding The Legend

Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Secrets

The name - Arnold Schwarzenegger, is enough to inspire millions of bodybuilding enthusiasts and professionals around the globe. Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Secrets reinstate the fact "No Pain...No Gain".

There are many things that Arnold has said and done, for which bodybuilders idolize him. From fitness tips to bodybuilding secrets, to competition winning strategies, Arnold has been a true legend. 

So, let us look at five of the many Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Secrets that might transform your usual workout regime to a champion’s bodybuilding strategy. 


You might want to show off the body parts that are in the best shape. Pumped-up biceps, crunchy six pack abs, ripped triceps and what not. But you might refrain from showing off the other body parts. You tend to keep those parts under cover. But, with Arnold, it is just the opposite. He believes in focusing on his weak points as they constantly remind him of his priorities. Like, if his calves are not in the target shape or muscle built, he would prefer wearing shorts to remind himself about training that body part more frequently than usual. 



It is very easy to quit on anything. It’s real easy to say “No, I don’t feel like doing it”. Rather, it would have been better than if you would not have started the training itself. Working out is undoubtedly going to tire you and put your patience and stamina to test. And many times you might not be able to achieve your targets. But, that’s not a surprise; it’s a known fact. Arnold had a clear cut theory – “Don’t quit at failure”. There are many people that might laugh at you when you fail to achieve a bodybuilding target. But, you need to ensure that the momentum of workout sets keeps going on.  

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There is obviously nothing such as a favorite exercise, but still, there are certain exercises that need to be done with more reps and lighter weights. For example, if you need a certain type of result for your biceps, you might want to vary your bicep exercises with different weights and reps. Some type of bicep exercises might require higher reps with lighter weights and while others might be done with heavier weights and fewer reps.​


As a professional power lifter in his early career, Arnold was inclined towards training for strength. This was so because he discovered that in order to build size, strength was a very useful element. 225 pounds for 60 reps, is what Arnold once benched. Use of strength to boost your weightlifting is an ideal way to shift to bodybuilding in the next session.

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Excess of everything is bad and can be worse when it comes to workouts. The weights to be lifted and the number of sets to be done depend on your body type and lifting limit. Over training can often lead to injuries that might even cause permanent damage. Taking rest is extremely important. It is not always true that continuous training on a body part will be productive. Overtraining on a particular part be might actually be counterproductive sometimes, because when you keep on training that part without required rest, you are actually not giving it a chance to grow. Thus, you ultimately miss your bodybuilding target instead of meeting it.

You need a solid and focused strategy to win bodybuilding competitions. Doing the usual might give you a bit of satisfaction but might not be a winner for you. 

Want to be a champ?…You need to workout like one.

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