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Best Butt Exercises : Tips to Shape Your Butt

Written By Latika Gupta

Best Butt Exercises

Getting back in shape and maintaining a firm shape of your rather ignored butt, are poles apart from each other. So are there are any best butt exercises to tone your rear? Lets have a look!

Getting back in shape has different meaning for different people, like for men losing/gaining a few pounds and buffing up their chest and arms and in some checks getting those perfect 6 pack abs signifies getting back in shape. However, in case of women sculpting their derriere is the most important and difficult too part of getting back in shape as it boosts their confidence so that they can strut around in those high heels and tight denims with elan. 

But, are there any sure shot ways to shape your bum? Well the answer to this question might be yes, but lets be very clear on this. There is no such thing as 10 min firm butt workout, because like everything even shaping up your butt needs a lot of effort and dedication from your end. There are a couple of important things that you need to keep in mind before you get into the serious business of butt workout. They are:

  • You must perform at least 3 sets of 2-3 butt specific exercise to get desired results for the targeted body part.
  • Once you start your workout, you need to progressively overload it with weight addition, challenging variations, increased repetitions, adding more sets, etc. to promote muscle growth.
  • Its impossible to work muscles in full isolation; as when you workout for any one particular body part the other muscles also work in conjunction. 
  • The shape of your perfect derriere remains incomplete without the matching legs, so don’t ignore them. 

Before we get on to the business of what are the best exercises to tone your butt, another important thing to keep in mind is that you must do at least 3 sets of whichever exercise your chose with 10-12 repetitions for optimum results. 

So, here are some most effective butt exercises for all the women out there, so that they can make other women go jealous with their fab body.

Deep Squats

Performing deep squats with only your bodyweight can help a lot in ensuring maximum glute activation, especially when you keep your back straight while going as low as possible. To avoid caving of your knees and rounding of your back, hold your arms in front of your chest together to flare out your elbows. You can also increase the difficulty level by holding some weight in front if your chest.

Doing squats not only works excellently on your glutes as it is the best exercise to shape buttocks, but also make you strong by improving your flexibility as well as overall core strength. 

Horse Stance 

If you are acquainted with martial arts, then you must have also heard of the horse riding stance, as it is a staple to martial arts and is also considered to be an excellent way of promoting strength and size for your glutes and thigh muscles. 

To perform horse stance stand straight while opening your normal stance with a foot beyond your shoulder width and squat down in a position of sitting in chair. Keep your thighs parallel to the ground to feel the burn of this exercise. Hold your position for as long as you can. A beginner can stay in this position for about 15 to 30 seconds, gradually increasing it with time. 


One of the most dynamic butt shaping exercises that helps in activating glutes provides complete cardiovascular workout is Step-up. To perform this exercise all you need is a platform higher then your knees. But if you are new to this exercise then start with a lower platform like a chair or something.  

To perform step up exercise, step on the platform with one foot and raise your body up. Bring the knee of your other leg as much up as possible before you step back to normal position gently. Once you master the normal step up, increase your difficulty level by holding small weights in your hands. 

Glute Bridges 


Glute bridges is one such butt workout that hits your glutes really hard, so if you experience some soreness after this then don’t be surprise. 

To master the art of glute bridges lie down on your back while planting your feet comfortably on the ground with knees pointing upward. Now raise your butt off the floor until the only parts of your body touching the floor are your feet, head and shoulder backs. While pushing the hips up try and squeeze your glutes when you reach the top.

Rear Leg Lifts 

Rear leg lifts is a perfect answer to our common question ‘how to shape your buttocks fast’ as they work exclusively on the rear part of your body. 

To perform rear leg lifts kneel on your knees and hands, while keeping your arms straight. Now lift your one leg and push it hard toward the ceiling. Bring your leg back to the normal position slowly while not losing the control over your body and keep on alternating the movement between your legs. Do no end up jerking your leg accidentally. 

You might find doing this a bit hard initially and some of you may even end up having cramps, thus ensure to give enough stretch to your legs afterwards. If you want to increase the difficulty level try adding some ankle weights or put a small dumbbell between your hamstring and calf. 

Side leg lift is a variation of this exercise that you can try, in this you will be lying on your side instead of kneeling. However, we advice you to use thick yoga mats or folded blankets to perform this exercise. This exercise will prove effective in hitting the smaller muscles of your glutes and legs hard to get them back in toned shape. 

Try all of these moves to lift your butt or start at least with three to fulfill your dream of having a well toned and shapely bottom along with a figure to die for.

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