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Best Chests in the Bodybuilding World

Written By Saurabh Monga

Best Chests in the Bodybuilding World

Let's be fair here. Everyone wants a big chest. While a chiseled chest is now a norm in bodybuilding, we bring you the best chests in the bodybuilding world that simply set the class apart when it comes to competition.

5. Markus Ruhl

Markus was a true mass monster and gave the term MASSthetics due homage. What we need to understand about this freak of nature is that his upper chest was touching his neck! That is beyond crazy. For size alone, this guy stands near the top, only beaten by our next bodybuilder.

4. Ronnie Coleman

This should hardly come as a surprise by now that Ronnie Coleman had one of the very best chest’s in the history of bodybuilding. That usually happens when you start bench pressing with 200 pound dumbells. Because when it comes to King Ron, it’s ‘Lightweight Baby!’ King Ron undoubtedly had the biggest chest in the world.

3. Lou Ferrigno

There’s a reason this man was supposed to beat Arnold in the Olympia but got psyched out by the Oak. That reason is that Lou Ferrigno has a crazy chest to go along with those massive lats and unbelievable arms. Lou is so badass that he actually played Hercules and the Hulk! Want to build a chest like the Hulk himself? Lou always advocated protein supplements as a part of his regime.

2. Franco Columbu

Besides being Arnold’s training buddy, Franco had a split in his chest in the middle that no one else had in that era. For that alone, we think that chest deserves to be on top of the best chest in bodybuilding list. Furthermore, Franco was crazy strong and deadlifted 750 pounds. No wonder then, that he pulled a car with his bare hands in Pumping Iron!

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Last, but surely not the least is the Oak. While making this list, we were not only emphasizing size but also symmetry and definiton. Arnie not only had the best chest in the world but also possibly the best chest in history. The Oak’s best exercises to build a huge chest include variations of bench press and emphasis on dumbell fly’s which he said not only expanded the ribcage but also caused a great stretch to your chest muscle.

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