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Best Fitness Apps For 2017

Written By Saurabh Monga

Best Fitness Apps For 2017

Whether you are a beginner or a fitness pro, Fitness Apps are essential to track your fitness activity and monitor your workout progress. Good Fitness Apps also help you record health information and coach you with fitness tips.

Fitness Apps

There are a plethora of Fitness Apps available for download, both free and paid. The free ones also have premium versions or in-app purchases. Some fitness apps are specifically made for either iOS or Android platform, while others are compatible with multiple smartphone operating platforms.

In no specific order, here are the Best Fitness Apps for 2017. 


Charity Miles

Image Source: Google Play Store

This is a unique fitness app that you can use to contribute something back to the society.

Confused? Well, that is exactly the unique thing about the Charity Miles app. Charity Miles is a free app available for both Android and as well as iOS devices. For every mile you walk, run and bike, this fitness app rewards the charity of your choice. Isn’t this amazing? There are in total 37 charities that you can choose from. To measure distance, this app uses your phone’s GPS and accelerometer. The charities are corporate sponsored.

So next time when you don’t feel motivated to help yourself, think of staying fit to help others.


Google Fit

Image Source: Google Play Store

Google is a name that needs no introduction. And a product of Google is in itself an epitome of high quality and usefulness. 

What does Google Fit do?

Google Fit is a very useful health and fitness tracking platform that helps store activity which is your physical activity data. Apart from this other important data like nutrition information, location etc. Also, gets stored and can be viewed via connected apps and devices. Sensors in your mobile or fitness gadget help Google Fit record and track the physical activities data.

So basically when you are engaged in physical activity such as walking, running, biking etc., the physical data monitored is speed, count of steps and calories burned. 

Digifit iCardio

Image Source: Google Play Store

Cardio is one of the most performed fitness workouts and the iCardio is just the cardio workout app to go for. With the use of detailed charts and graphs, iCardio helps track your calories burned and also monitors your workout progress.

In addition to this, the app gives you the freedom to engage on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. It is a solid workout tracker and heart rate monitor that is compatible with Apple iOS 7 and above.


Image Source: Google Play Store

From bike rides to runs to various other outdoor activities, Endomondo tracks it all. And what makes this cool app stand apart is it’s training plans and coaching features. Endomondo is very easy to use which can be used in a wide range of both Android and iOS based smartphones. 

With a simple user interface and accurate health & heart rate tracking, Endomondo is the go to app from beginners to advanced fitness enthusiasts. 

The only limitation with this app is that it cannot be linked to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. 



Image Source: Google Play Store

FitBit is a very popular app used by a great number of fitness enthusiasts. Be it Android, iOS or even Windows platform, FitBit works with all. The good part is that this cool fitness app can count your steps without actually having to connect it to a tracker. Just keep your smartphone with you and you can track calories, record health activities information and also log your weight. 

 So, next time you have FitBit on your smartphone and you want to have a quick check on health information such as glucose levels, FitBit makes it super easy for you to do it. 

 In case you carry a FitBit tracker device too with you, that makes your fitness tracking even easier as all the health information and fitness activity you perform gets automatically recorded. And you might want to checkout the FitBit Aria smart weighing scale too, as it is a great fitness gadget that can also be paired with your FitBit app.


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