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Exercise tips for lazy people
Are you always too tired to workout? Does the word exercise sound HEAVY and Boring to you? Then these exercise... Read more
Yoga Mudras - Types, Methods and Benefits
The great benefits of Yoga Mudras for health and longevity have long been known. Let’s have a look at top 5 ... Read more
Milind Soman - Ironman to Ultraman
Milind Soman, Ironman and Ultraman may surely ring a bell for you. But, what's cool about Ironman Milind Soman... Read more
Best Fitness Apps For 2017
Whether you are a beginner or a fitness pro, Fitness Apps are essential to track your fitness activity and mon... Read more
Yoga For Back Pain: Poses That Bring Relief
You have ignored your mighty back and spine enough and its time to give them nurture and care they deserve. Pr... Read more
Fun Fitness Activities Couples Can Do Together
Ditch those expensive chocolates or candle light romantic dinners and opt for some amazing fitness activities ... Read more
Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits, Uses and Side Effects
Apple Cider Vinegar benefits and uses are well known. But Apple Cider Vinegar side effects can't be overlooked... Read more
5 Diet Mistakes That Can Make You Fat
If following a diet can make you fit then few diet mistakes can make you fat too. Wondering if you are making ... Read more
7 Common Excuses People Make To Not Workout
We all know that workout should be one of our priorities in life, but we are equally good in chalking out excu... Read more
10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Start Dieting
Are you planning to start dieting for weight loss? Then, you must ask these 10 questions to yourself before yo... Read more


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