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Butt Shaping: Top 5 Exercises For Glutes

Written By Latika Gupta

Everyone dreams of having a better butt, but do we actually know how to get it? Here are five exercises that will help you in developing a pro-level posterior.

Not all are blessed with shapely and worth admiring butt, but that doesn’t mean you can not get it. Just the way bodybuilders work on their triceps, biceps, etc. Some workout and exercise regimen can help you get bodacious booty, which is also an essential part of having a god physique. It doesn’t matter whether you are fitness contestant or just a normal person who love to stay in shape, everyone wants to have a great bum. 

So, the question arises here is how to get that perfect butt you want? While your genetics play a major part int his, just the way with your skin and hair, it is not impossible to improve your glutes as per your liking. People often turn to cardio to get their butt back in shape, but the treadmill is not the only way to have a better booty. 

Sticking to the basics remains the trick when it comes to exercises for glutes and contrary to the common belief, there is no need to combine some fashionable exercises for a fine pair of butt. Drive and dedication are the only two things you need to tone your glutes, thus you need to train your glutes hard and with great diligence, then only you will get some positive response. Stopping every time you find workout difficult is not going to take you anywhere. 

For a comprehensive glute workout, you need to ditch the skimpy weights and use heavy weights for a bigger and stronger butt. You can also maintain a workout log to give yourself some serious competition as you progress in your journey. 

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Here are some great exercises to get your glutes fired up.


Squats are undoubtedly one of the best glute exercises you can have as they work excellently on every single in your legs while adding strength to your core, hips and lower backs at the same time. The only thing you have to do is to ensure that you are getting maximum out of the movement. Back squats put most emphasis on the quads thus leaving your glutes less engaged. Also, squatting until you’re below parallel puts emphasis on your glutes and hamstrings. The narrower your stance the more focus will be laid on your quads. 

While performing squats make sure you maintain proper form. keep your legs shoulder width apart with your toes pointed slightly out. 

Weighted Walking Lunges

Weighted walking lunges can elevate your heart rate and might also make you a little sore in the beginning, but do not fret. Keep your arms at your sides with a dumbbell in each hand and step forward. Lunge and alternate your legs with each step. Lunge low and ensure that your front knee is not extending past your toes. 

Barbell Hip Thrusts

This exercise for glutes for men and women activates and builds your upper glutes to a great extent as compared to squats. It is even better than the deadlifts for butt shaping. 

Sit on the ground with your back against the bench and your feet planted firmly in front. keep a padded barbell in your lap, while keeping your knees stable raise the barbell by extending your hips. Now push your hips upward with your glutes. keep rising until your body forms a straight line from shoulders to knees. Now, slightly lower back to the ground. Squeeze your glutes while at the top. 

Stiffed Leg Deadlifts

To perform this exercise you need to take the focus off from your lower back and push your hips back as far as possible or until you start feeling a deep stretch in your hamstring. You can opt for sump position with feet wider than the shoulder width apart and slightly pointed out, else the feet positioned in closed stance also works fine.  Keep the bar close to you legs as much as you can with your back straight. Go down as low as you can until you feel a deep stretch and then come back to starting position. Do not lower your back round while performing this exercise. 

Bulgarian Split Squats 
The positioning for this exercise will also be towards the sky. Close your legs together and target your quads. The further your legs are placed in front of you the more emphasis it will lay on your glutes. With your back foot situated on a bench or box and your chest high, drop your back knee to the floor. Go down as far down as you can. Repeat.


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