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Top 6 Indian Vegetarian Bodybuilders

Written By Archana

Vegetarian Bodybuilders

Do you think it's hard to build the body of your dreams without meat? Well, top 6 Indian vegetarian bodybuilders and athletes are going to prove you wrong.

Somehow, muscle building and meat-eating go hand in hand. Vegetarians are weaklings is a general notion. Well, this is not true. Whether it is bodybuilding or remaining at the top of your game, it is all about commitment, discipline and a dedicated diet regime. Olympian athletes and professional-grade bodybuilders have carved their physique and built stamina on a compassionate diet.

Protein, the building block of muscles is easily accessible from plants. The only drawback is that at times plants do not provide those 8 essential amino acids which the body can’t manufacture on its own and they are a litmus test of the quality of a protein source. If you are a lacto-ova vegetarian (eggs and milk) you easily tide over the concern because both these foods provide those essential amino acids. Vegans need to pair lentils with grains to get the complete package and be a bit more aware of protein sources like quinoa, nuts and hemp. They are equally good sources of proteins and need to get included in the vegetarian bodybuilding diet chart.


1. K. V Iyer – (A Physician who started the Bodybuilding Revolution in India)

The credit goes to Professor K. V Iyer to start the trend of bodybuilding in modern India. Iyer was a total vegetarian and teetotaler. His food contained lots of grains, vegetables, chapattis, ragi, unpolished red rice, fruits, buttermilk and greens.  In the year 1925, he started his own gym. He was a  physician to the Maharaja of Mysore.

2. Varinder Singh Ghuman – (Biggest Indian Bodybuilder)

In recent times, Varinder Singh Ghuman is an outstanding example of building body through vegetarianism. He started off as a cricketer but bodybuilding swayed him and he rose to become a bodybuilder of international fame.  In 2009, he won the Mr India title and is also the first Asian to get to the top line of Arnold Classic Europe, an international championship of bodybuilding. His perfect physique earned him the brand ambassadorship of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s signature gyms and food supplements. To fuel his massive muscle mass, Varinder relies heavily on colostrum, the first milk produced by a mammal, post-pregnancy. Colostrum has high-quality proteins as well as growth hormones. Since his father runs a dairy farm, he has easy access to colostrum. Eggs are also a complete no for him. The vegetarian bodybuilding diet of Ghuman consists of yellow dal, chapattis, green salad, curd and lassi.

3. Hira Lal Dhillan – (A Vegetarian since 1997 and crowned Mr Universe in 2011)

8-times Punjab champion, Hira Lal Dhillan won the Mr Universe crown in 2011 and follows the dumbbells on dal route. He did not start out as a vegetarian but shunned meat-eating in 1997 due to spiritual reasons. After leaving meat he was able to gain weight by 10 kg. His diet consists primarily of soya beans, dal, lassi and curd.

4. Sangram Singh – (Indian Wrestler & Health Guru)

Sangram Singh is a celebrity wrestler who was also seen in Big Boss.  As a child, he suffered from arthritis and was wheelchair-bound. It was sheer grit and determination that helped him overcome his ailment and he ended up becoming a professional wrestler and he won a gold medal in 2006 Common Wealth Games in South Africa.

Recently, Sangram was announced as the World’s Best Professional Wrestler by the World Wrestling Professionals, South Africa. He was even signed by PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) as their brand ambassador. Sangram gets his essential nutrients like proteins from milk, curd, dal, vegetables, and nuts. He also takes Ashwagandha powder to improve his stamina.  He works out a lot and his exercise regime includes power yoga, running, cardio and dips.

5. Karuppanan Venkatesan – (Silver Medal Winner who shunned Milk & Rice)

Last year silver-winner at Natural Olympia Bodybuilding Championship, a competition exclusively for vegetarian bodybuilders is a vegetarian bodybuilder. His diet consists of samba wheat. For him, rice and milk are a complete no.

6. Sushil Kumar – (Two Time Olympic Medallist)

Sushil Kumar, a freestyle wrestler and the only Indian to win back to back individual Olympic medals in the 66 kg weight division is a complete vegetarian and he does not even eat eggs. Kumar highlights the benefits of vegetarianism is a simpler palate with restricted choices.

Kumar’s morning meal includes cornflakes, milk, buttered toast and juice. His frugal lunch and dinner consist of 2 chappatis, seasonal vegetables and a bowl of yoghurt. Protein-rich supplements and multivitamins are an integral feature of his diet.

Along with your vegetarian bodybuilding diet, include MuscleBlaze supplements to trigger quick recovery and muscle building, as they are 100% vegetarian and allow you to carve the body of your dreams with a compassionate heart.

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