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Exercise tips for lazy people

Exercise tips for lazy people

Are you always too tired to workout? Does the word exercise sound HEAVY and Boring to you? Then these exercise tips for lazy people are a must read for you.

So, without tiring you much with anymore wait, here are some smart ways and super easy exercise tips for lazy people –

Love your couch, but don’t slouch!

Surely many of you are too much in love with your favorite couch and don’t want to leave it and do exercise. So, love your couch if you have to and sit there if you want to. But, just make sure you don’t slouch. Because as it is your couch love makes you a bit lazy and slouching not only adds to that laziness but also can cause a long term pain in your back. And with a regular back pain, you will have another excuse to not exercise.

Therefore, before you motivate yourself to walk, prepare yourself to sit properly.

Learnt how to sit? Now it’s time to walk!

Come’on… You don’t need motivation to just walk. Right?
It’s simple just stand and start walking.

  • Walk when you get up. And if you have a pet, take it with you too… Even they need to stay fit.
  • Take a quiet short walk after your mid-day meal. This not only helps in food digestion but also helps you regain energy for better work productivity.
  • Take a night stroll with your loved one.

If Cars are cool…. then Cycles are Sexyyy!

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Yes! You heard it right. Driving a car to your office might be cool or might be not, depending on a lot of things. But, riding a geared and dashing bicycle to your office certainly sets you apart from the crowd. From burning calories to toning muscles to being the “Go Green” personality, everything shall work awesome for you.

Feeling lazy to find? Use what is around you!

From finding good gyms to finding the right equipment to finding time to exercise even if you find the former two, excuses to exercise just don’t end. But the truth is you don’t need all these to exercise. There are many things around you that you can use.

  • Lift your office files or laptop annd walk around the office
  • Occasionally, stretch your legs and arms while you are sitting at your work desk or home couch
  • Wash clothes on weekend or just engage in dusting dirt off your home furniture once in a while or engage in other occasional household chores

Love yourself? Start loving more and see the difference

It’s the ultimate truth – The more you love yourself, the harder you aspire to look better. Your body is the only home you live in forever, so make sure it looks good. A fitter and healthier you is sure make you feel better about yourself. And the more you feel better about yourself, the better you perform at work and stay happier in life.

Stay inspired!

Inspiration can work like a magic wand for your ultimate transformation. You just need to open your eyes and look around, you can most certainly find an idol you can look up to.

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So watch a movie, read an article or go talk to a real life fitness freak, do your best what works for you to stay inspired to become fit.

Shop for your favorite workout gear. And yes… Please put it good use!

Do you love shopping? Then put it to good use and make your workout interesting.

  • Dashing workout tracks
  • Smart pair of training or running shoes
  • Hot new fitness gadget

Remember, don’t just burn a hole in your pocket. Get motivated to burn calories too.

Don’t hit the gym…. Hit the floor!

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Push ups, squats, running on the treadmill, lifting weights…. Phew!! Tired?

You can skip to hit the gym if you can hit the floor.

  • Take up Zumba
  • Join groovy Salsa sessions
  • Take your favorite dance classes
  • Or, just make a playlist and exercise or groove on your favorite music.

Might sound boring but it’s super simple – Use the Stairs

Ya ya… You must have heard this a lot – Use the stairs. But how many times have you implemented it? You do not need a dose of motivation to just ditch lift and use stairs. Once you start doing it, you will be habitual and it won’t even interfere with your “exercise is boring” thought process. You can still be lazy elsewhere, if it satisfies you, but just use the stairs. It’s simple, easy and effective.

Go for Yoga

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A little yoga everyday can work wonders for your fitness. There are different types of yoga poses and yoga mudras for weight loss, body healing and general fitness. All you need to do is buy a yoga mat, consult a yoga instructor or even read about yoga asanas and start doing it.

So now that you have taken some time out to read these exercise tips, take some time out to try them too. You never know what might just click and work for you!!

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