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Exercise Vs Diet – Which Is Better For Weight Loss?

Written By Saurabh Monga

Exercise Vs Diet - Which Is Better For Weight Loss?

Weight loss has been a big reason of concern for many for a long time now. And choosing between exercise vs diet is a tough task. So, let’s make it easy for you to choose between exercise vs diet. How? Let’s find out!

In the fast paced time today, strong will power and dedication are the key factors that decide the fate of someone’s weight loss goal. So some people try finding shortcuts to their weight loss journey while others are ready to work hard for their weight loss goals.

How To Lose Weight?

This is a very common question that most people ask. Well, there is no one line answer for this as healthy weight loss depends on many factors like age, current weight, BMI, body type etc. However, the most sort after popular ways to lose weight are:

1.    Diet
2.    Exercise

Exercise For Weight Loss

This is a common expression when one wants to lose weight – Want to lose weight? Hit the gym!

Regular exercise does help in weight loss. 

Popular Exercises for Weight Loss

  • Running on treadmill or simply jogging outdoors
  • Skipping rope
  • Other cardio exercises
  • Crunches for weight loss along with sculpted abs
  • Cycling
  • Aerobic exercises
  • Zumba
  • Yoga and stretching
  • Lifting weights or other gym workouts as advised by an expert trainer

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But the question here is that is exercise enough for weight loss? There are many people who fail to understand why they are not meeting their weight loss goals even after regular workouts. Though there could be several reasons for the same, a major reason could be food habits. Yes, you heard it right. 

If you are adding more calories to your body everyday than you are burning, then eventually chances are you would not be able to meet your weight loss goals. So yes, exercise is important for weight loss but without following a proper diet, even regular exercise might not help completely. 

Diet For Weight Loss

Following a strict diet for weight loss is another common phenomenon that people follow. So while religiously following a diet plan is good, but going crazy about it can be harmful. Many people follow excessive dieting for quick weight loss. But, this weight loss is not healthy and can actually leave your body undernourished. Diet mistakes can make you fat

Why is Dieting important for weight loss?

Dieting here means a controlled calorie intake followed under the guidance of a certified nutritionist and health expert. There are different types of diet plans for weight loss you can follow like Atkins Diet, GM Diet, Paleo Diet etc. The type of diet to be followed depends on many factors like:

  • Age and current weight
  • Body type and BMI
  • Weight loss goals
  • With detox or without it.
  • Preference or allergy to any food etc.

Your dietitian may also design a personalized diet plan customized for your weight loss requirements. This may also include weight loss supplements like meal replacement shakes that give you the required nutrition and help you achieve your weight loss goals.


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By smartly managing your calorie intake, you can smoothly advance towards your weight loss goals. And this weight loss is a healthy way to lose weight. This is more like calorie management for fitness.

Exercise vs Diet – The Truth About Weight Loss?

It is difficult to choose just one between exercise and diet for weight loss. Both exercise and diet have their own individual importance and contribution in weight loss. If you just follow an exercise regime but do not have control on your calorie intake, you can bid your weight loss goals farewell. And similarly, if you do not ask yourself why you want to start dieting and just blindly follow it without expert guidance, you may end up harming your body.

So the best and healthy way to lose weight is a smart combination of exercise and diet. 


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Exercise vs Diet Ratio

The popularly believed ratio between exercise and diet for weight loss is – 

70 percent diet 30 percent exercise

This ratio may vary based on individual body types, weight loss requirements, and current weight. A good exercise regime will help you tone the muscle mass and a good diet plan will help you burn unwanted fat and calories.

So – Be Smart; Choose the right diet plan; Follow the required exercise regime

And you will be able to accomplish a healthy weight loss with a fit body.


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