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Exercises During Pregnancy: Types & Benefits

Written By Latika Gupta

Keeping fit during pregnancy is crucial for the health of both mother and the baby, but here exercise during pregnancy doesn’t mean involving yourself in weight lifting or gym.

Pregnancy is the most wonderful yet painful time for women as she has to take care of two people at the same time. During that period a woman goes through tremendous physical, mental and hormonal changes, which sometimes make her feel irritated. While eating healthy and keeping herself cheerful are often advised to her, exercising during pregnancy is something that not many people talk about. But, the fact is exercise during pregnancy can do wonders to a would be mom’s mood, sleep, persistent pains, and aches. Top it with fact that exercising helps in preparing women for childbirth by giving strength to her muscles and building endurance.

Women with uncomplicated pregnancies can engage themselves in at least 20 to 30 minutes exercising every day with moderate intensity. An ideal pregnancy workout can keep a women’s heart pumping, helps in managing weight gain, keeps her limber, prepares her muscles to handle physical demands during child birth and also prepares her body for the postpartum period. 

While many suggest a pregnant woman take up yoga, some vouch for pilates and brisk walking. To reduce the confusion, here are some best exercises for pregnant women that can help her stay fit and active during those crucial nine months.

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Note: Consult your gynecologist before starting any exercise program. Even if they allow you to go ahead do not over do it. Stop the very moment you start feeling uncomfortable. 

Cardio for Pregnant Woman

Walking: Undoubtedly, one of the best cardio exercise during pregnancy. Walking helps in keeping you fit without putting pressure on your knees and ankles. Also, you can do it almost anywhere at the comfort of your home and it doesn’t require any kind of equipment. You can easily do this throughout the nine months of pregnancy. So keep your pair of supportive walking shoes ready. 

Swimming: Many healthcare providers and pregnancy fitness experts encourage pregnant women to opt for swimming, They argue that swimming is safe for pregnant women as it exercises their muscle groups, reduces swelling and makes them feel weightless despite the extra weight they are carrying. If a woman is experiencing lower back pain during pregnancy then swimming is especially beneficial for her. 

Aerobics: Aerobics can help in strengthening heart and toning body. If you enroll yourself for aerobics for pregnant women classes then you also get to enjoy the camaraderie of other moms to be. What’s a better way to make yourself feel safe than in the company of women going through the same experience? Dancing classes for pregnant women can also be a great alternative to aerobics. However, here you must avoid leaps, jumps, and twirls. 

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Running: Going for a jog in the morning is an excellent way to exercise and build endurance during pregnancy. Though the intensity of your run will depend on whether you are newbie or veteran in this arena. If you have just started it then take smaller routes and keep your pace slow. Gradually build it up to 30-minute medium paced run. 

While these cardio exercises are a sure shot way to keep yourself fit during pregnancy, there are other two options as well that you can opt if you are not comfortable with any of the above:

Yoga: Yoga for pregnant women can help in maintaining muscle tone and also maintains flexibility without much impact on your joints. But, it is not enough to give some workout to your heart. For that, you need to add walking or swimming to your pregnancy exercise regimen at least thrice a week. 

Stretching: For a limber and relaxed body stretching is a great exercise during pregnancy. It also helps in keeping muscle strains at bay, which are quite common during pregnancy. You can easily ass stretching to your cardio routine to make it a complete pregnancy workout.  

Adding these simple workouts to your routine during those nine months can bring you a lot of relief during childbirth. Also, keeping yourself active during those nine months can make your postpartum period much relaxed and also speeds up your recovery. Additionally, keep yourself occupied with household chores and avoid getting bed ridden until and unless advised by your gynecologist.

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