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Fat Burners Supplements- Your Guide To Understand Them Better

Written By Latika Gupta

fat burner supplements

While smart nutrition and intense training are the most lethal weapons for any effective weight loss plan, you can always take help of some well formulated fat burning supplements to expedite the process.

Are you like millions others out there, constantly on a lookout of a quick and rapid solution to burn the unwanted fat so that they can flaunt their trim and toned up body? While popping a pill may not be the best idea to get rid of that unwanted fat from your body, still there are supplements that can help you in achieving your weight loss goals if taken in moderation along with regular exercise and healthy diet.

While smart nutrition and intense training are the most lethal weapons for any effective weight loss plan, you can always take help of some well formulated fat burning supplements to expedite the process. Fat Loss Supplements are made with ingredients that give extra boost to your fat burning process. Even though they are of great help in meeting your weight loss goals, you cannot use them as a replacement to your diet plan and exercise.

Types of Fat Burner Supplements

Today, the market is flourished with different kinds of fat burning supplements benefits, thus making it difficult for many to decide on which are the best fat burner supplements for them to achieve their weight loss goals. However, with the help of a generic fat burners buyer’s guide you can make your choice quite easily.

Broadly, most effective fat burners fall under the two main categories known as stimulant based and stimulant free, respectively. Lets take a brief look on how they both are different from each other:

Stimulant Free Fat Burners: Some people are sensitive to fat burner supplement ingredients like caffeine, synephrine, tyramine, and yohimbine (or yohimbe), thus stimulant free fat burning supplements are ideal for them. The primary ingredients used for their formulation includes green tea extract and acetyl-L-carnitine for fat burning, caralluma fimbriata extract for suppressing the appetite and other natural extracts like phaseolus vulgaris (white kidney bean), and cynara scolymus (artichoke) to ensure effective weight loss.

Stimulant Based Fat Burners: These kinds of fat burners are usually the combination of the following ingredients: caffeine, synephrine, tyramine, and yohimbe. All these ingredients are added in order to suppress the appetite, boost energy, increase the burning of fat cells to release fat in the form of energy. Some of the stimulant based fat burning supplements also include ingredients used in stimulant free fat burners to create an effective formulation.

Things To Keep In Mind to Have Maximum Benefits of a Fat Burner

Like any other supplement, there are certain side effects of fat burners, which one can avoid by keeping some simple things in mind while making them a part of their weight loss plan. Remember that it is a ‘supplement’, which means you add it to your weight loss plan for expediting and strengthening the process. Taking a fat burning supplement doesn’t mean that you can replace it with your diet or exercise, doing so will only lead to unnecessary side effects of fat burners, which will do more harm than good to your health.

So, keep a check on below mentioned things to avoid the potential side effects of fat burners.

1. Diet Is The Key To Your Weight Loss Battle

Many a times people taking fat burning supplements think that fat burning supplements alone will be enough to get the desired weight loss result. However, this is not true, a fat burner supplement is no miracle solution and it requires a good diet and exercise plan for a fat burner to show the desired results. A calorie restricted and a strict exercise regimen help you win 80% of your weight loss battle, for rest 20% you can take help of fat burners as they work only in collaboration with proper diet.

A fat burner can work in a variety of ways on your body, like, it will boost energy, curb your appetite, use fat to be used as energy, increase your metabolism, increase your body temperature so you burn more calories throughout the day, etc.

Count your calories smartly to reap in the maximum benefits of fat burner supplements effectiveness.

2. Do Not Overdo on Fat Burners 

Excess of everything is bad and same goes for fat burner supplements as well. Some people ask ‘are fat burning supplements safe?’, yes, they are safe, only when taken in moderation. No matter how beneficial and full of powerful ingredients your fat burning supplement may be, ‘DO NOT’ exceed their recommended serving. For that you can either check the package or consult your trainer about how much fat burning supplement your body needs for effective weight loss.

3. Keep Realistic Expectations 

Those who are not clear on how to take fat burner supplements end up making unrealistic expectations and get disappointed when fail to get the desired results. Now for the nth time, a fat burner is not a magical drink and it will not melt pounds of your fat within weeks. While it certainly can enhance the rate at which you will be losing weight, it cannot make your loose 10 pounds within a week.

A healthy weight loss means loosing 2 to 4 pounds of weight every week, but even that is not sustainable. Your fat loss process will slow down gradually as your body will hit a plateau.

You can make a journal to keep a check on your weight loss like week on week or month on month to keep yourself motivated and also to analyze how effectively your weight loss regimen of good diet, exercise and fat burners is working.

4. Overdose of Caffeine Can Backfire 

Starting a day without their regular hot cuppa seems like a difficult task to many and they even end up drinking 2 to 3 cups in a day as well. If you are too high on your daily dose of caffeine then be a little cautious while choosing the fat burning supplement for yourself. Most of the fat burners come with caffeine as a main ingredient, which is also a main stimulant for any effective fat burner. Thus, if you wish to take fat burners for expediting your weight loss, then it will be good for you to keep a check on your regular caffeine intake.

No matter how energizing the benefits of caffeine are, the excess of it will leave your body completely worn out. Caffeine from both your fat burner and your favorite beverage will lead to quick burn out of fat, which in turn will make you experience fatigue and you may also feel difficulty in recovering from your intensive workout sessions. This is also one of the possible harmful effects of fat burners as well as caffeine, because together they may lead to slowing down your weight loss process.

How to use Fat Burner Supplements Effectively 

To have the maximum benefits from your fat burner supplement along with your calorie controlled diet and exercise, it is advisable to take it 30 minutes before your breakfast and lunch everyday. However, if you are not working out in the evening and are inclined towards a stimulant free fat burner then one dose 30 minutes before dinner will also be required.

Taking a recommended dosage of fat burner supplements prior your every meal will make you feel satiated and will also help greatly in increasing your metabolism.

Because your fat burning supplement makes you sweat a lot due the diuretic effects of stimulants like caffeine, keeping your body well hydrated becomes extremely important. Drinking a lot of water to keep your body hydrated and flushing toxins is anyways a good practice to maintain healthy lifestyle. But if you are taking fat burners then make sure you drinking at least 3 to 4 liters of water everyday. Most importantly drink 1 cup of water with your every dose of fat burner supplement to ensure optimal absorption and hydration for your body.

No matter how effective your fat burner is, it can never ever replace your diet and exercise, until and unless you are willing to experience the fat burner side effects. If taken correctly and in right measure fat burner supplements can help you a great deal in meeting your weight loss goals

Make sure you read fat burner reviews and labels of the product you are going to buy to understand the ingredients and their effects correctly.

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