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Foods You Should Never Eat: Not All Health Foods Are Healthy

Written By Latika Gupta

Foods You Should Never Eat

Do you know that most of the so called health foods that you eat daily are actually not healthy at all? Here, we are going to tell about the health foods you should never eat as they pose more harm than good to your health.

We live in the age where quick fix meals and pre-packaged foods take most of the part of our daily diet. We have become so dependent on processed quick food that we are slowly drifting away from healthy home cooking. While some people may argue that these food items packed with convenience and health benefits. One thing which gets completely ignored here is their overall nutritive value. Once you start analyzing your so called healthy foods in terms of their nutrition then only you will understand how bad they are for your health and finances as well.

Here are 8 common so-called healthy foods you should not eat and must instantly strike-off from your grocery list.

Multi Grain Atta 

Packaged multigrain atta has become a household name and is available in the market in different variants. But most of them are often not as multi-grain as they claim to be. It is always advisable to read the ingredients carefully on the pack. Whole wheat should ideally be the first and main ingredient followed by other grains. If it’s not there then you are being served some assorted grains with regular wheat flour, which is not that good for your health. Making your own variant of multigrain atta at home would be a lot healthier and cheaper than the ones you buy from the market.

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Artificial Sweeteners 

If you think you are taking good care of your health by replacing your regular sugar with artificial sweetener, then embrace yourself for the shock of your life. Artificial sweeteners are among the unhealthiest foods in disguise and are the biggest health fad created by sweetener manufacturers. They use Aspartame or Sucralose for substituting sugar in your daily life. These artificial sweeteners can cause neurological damage, gastrointestinal and endocrine dysfunctions. Instead of relying on them, it’s better to skip the sugar completely from your diet.

Ice Tea Mixes 

Your thirst quenching powdered ice tea mix is as unhealthy for you as a regular can of cola. They are laden with sugar, which comes from high fructose corn syrup, processed sugar, and artificial flavors, which are not good for your body. It is best to make ice tea at home and refrigerate it to enjoy a fresh and healthy version of your favorite summer drink.


Many people have started replacing their regular butter with margarine, believing that it is a healthier substitute. But, what they do no know is that margarine is made from hydrogenated trans-fat oil, which is anything but healthy for the body. Regular consumption of margarine increases cholesterol level and also decreases the response of your body’s immunity system. This is one so-called healthy food that you should avoid at any cost.

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NonSeasonal Fruits and Vegetables 

If you keep on wondering how nonseasonal fruits and veggies look surprisingly fresh and healthy throughout the year then it’s time for some reality check. Nonseasonal fruits and veggies are genetically engineered and artificially ripened to make them look fresh like a seasonal produce. It is wise and healthy to stick to seasonal options only no matter whether you like them or not.

Microwavable Popcorn

Munching on popcorns while watching your favorite movie sounds like a great appetizing late night snack idea, but is it healthy? The microwavable popcorn that we heavily rely upon is genetically modified corn kernels processed with salts and preservatives. They might taste good but they contain a high level of sodium. A chemical called diacetyl found in microwavable popcorn is harmful to your well-being. Not to forget the harmful butter and other artificial ingredients added to them to enhance their flavor.

Packed Fruit Juices 

All sorts of packaged fruit juices are high in added sugar and preservatives, which are used extensively to enhance its taste and shelf life. They are no good for your health and pocket as well. So, instead of sipping on juice laced with sugar, focus on wholesome fresh fruits. Their goodness is incomparable to any other variant of fruit substitute. This way you will get not only the flavor of juice but also other natural nutrients present in them.

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Frozen Meat

Buying frozen chicken patties for a burger or meat balls for your korma might cut a lot of your kitchen work, but it will increase the preservative content in your diet. The factory prepared frozen meat and meals are loaded with preservatives, hydrogenated oils and other artificial substances that make them harmful. So, instead of buying frozen, consider buying fresh meat and refrigerating at home, not for a very long time, though.

Now that you know which healthy foods must not contribute to your daily diet, hope you will be able to eat healthily and make better choices while shopping for your daily groceries.

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