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From 100kgs to 48kgs: A Journey Of Dedication

Written By Latika Gupta

From 100kgs to 48kgs: A Journey Of Dedication

What you are going to read is a story of immense dedication, hard work and zeal to lose weight and transform from being an overweight teenager to a girl with six pack abs.

Being overweight is nothing less than a sin in our society and if that overweight tag is attached to a girl, then things become all the more complicated. The whole society starts looking at her from an entirely different perspective, she remains a center of many jokes, criticism and of course a lot of unwanted ‘gyaan’ that people share for getting back ‘in shape’. 

Everyone who is even slightly overweight would at least once in their would try to shed the extra kilos. While some fail in their expedition and some manage to reach a so-called respectable number on weighing, there are some who completely transform themselves from ‘flab to fit’ with their immense dedication, hard work, and zeal to silence those who made fun of them. 

Elmma Zobary is a living motivation for all those girls who face criticism for not being in shape. Her journey from being 100kgs at the tender age of 19 to being 48kgs at 22 is truly inspiring take of dedication. Here is her story in her very own words.


I don’t know if my story is inspiring one, but for sure it is aspiring one. I do not take appreciation for losing 51kgs or going from flab to fab, instead I take pride in my transition from an aimless overweight teenager to a passionate and ambitious fitness professional, who is now motivating many of my likes to meet their weight loss goals.

 My weight loss journey began when my sisters Iram Faraz Ahmed and  Zeyb Zubairy literally dragged me to the gym and made me realize how badly I need to lose weight, and I was just 19 at that time. Initially, I was pretty certain that would quit within a day or two, but the results that I witnessed in my very first week at the gym didn’t allow me to take a back step from my goal. Since that time, there has not been even a single day when I would have lost my motivation or thought of giving up. I successfully lost 21kgs during my first 3 months at the gym, but I would not call the journey an easier one.

Then came a time when my weight got stagnant and no workout worked in my favor. It seemed like my weighing machine is stuck at one number and has decided not to move from there. I tried every possible thing, but there were no results. I belong to a very small town where there were not enough qualified trainers to help me achieve what I want. There was an instance I clearly remember when I reached the mark of 59kgs a self-proclaimed fitness expert advised me to regain and reach 67kgs. His evaluation shattered me into pieces as it took a lot of dedication and hard work from my end to reach that mark and I wasn’t willing to do something with my body which I wasn’t sure of. 

This particular incident helped me find the ultimate goal of my life and for that I do not wish to remain deprived of adequate training and guidance. The same year I took my NCSF(National Council Of Strength and Fitness) certification and went to California to attend professional workshops on workout/fitness and training. 

Today, I am a certified fitness trainer as per the American guidelines and preparing to further my knowledge in the field in coming months. Now, I aspire to spread as much knowledge about fitness as I can. Those who think sweating in gym for hours or starving yourself to death will yield results are wrong. 

Healthy weight loss is a pure game of workout + diet, then only you can achieve your goals. Remember, whatever you do, do it for yourself and not for anyone else. It’s your body and its up to you to decide how you want it to be!

Now that’s really inspiring for all the ladies out there willing to lose weight. If the story is not enough for you to get started, we also have Elmma’s weight loss and workout plan to help you take your first step towards fitness. 

Elmma’s Weight Loss Workout 

She started working out with 40mins of full body weight training sessions and gradually switched to cardio for 1.5 hours. The best part is, she didn’t spend on expensive fitness trainers, instead worked on hit and trial method which she followed by looking at others in the gym. 

After her initial of hit and trial in the gym and also witnessing some positive results, she took the guidance of a fitness trainer who taught her kickboxing, which further shaped her weight loss ambitions.

After training for few months under the trainer, she then switched back to training all by herself. Fitness articles, magazines, books and YouTube workout videos become her guides. She introduced heavy weight lifting in her exercise routine with daily cardio sessions. This eventually helped her become lean without making her skin sag. 

After getting her certification from the USA her workout routine looks like this

  •     40mins to 1-hour cardio, empty stomach
  •     20 to 30 mins of weight lifting or calisthenics 
  •     Headstands, rope climbing, push ups, pull ups, gymnastics for targeting core are her favorite exercises. 

Elmma’s Weight Loss Diet

Unlike others, Elmma decided not to torture herself with hunger strikes and fasting. Instead, she gradually decreased her food portions as in her own words, she used to eat way too much for her age.

Her weight loss diet chart looks something like this.

  • Breakfast: 2 slices of whole wheat bread a big glass skimmed milk and one omelet
  • Mid Morning Meal: A bowl of fresh fruits
  • Lunch: Homemade whole wheat pasta and sauteed idli or 2 chapatis with a bowl of dal, curd, and chicken
  • Dinner: Same as lunch and a bowl of fresh fruits

For initial 3 months, she didn’t allow herself a single cheat meal and followed the diet very strictly. 

She gives credit to her friend Sabby for handling her food cravings smartly. Her friend used to cook everything from Pizza, burgers, pasta, dosa, noodles at home that too from the scratch. So that Elmma would not eat outside to satisfy her taste buds. Also, she never took any weight loss supplement or even a simple protein shake to expedite her weight loss process. 

At the end, did we mention that Elmma now proudly sports six pack abs? Well! yes she does, isn’t this inspiring enough to get yourself working. 

You can follow Elmma on her Instagram handle: http://instagram.com/elmmazobary

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