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Get Inspired: How This IT Consultant Lost 23kgs in 4 Months

Written By Latika Gupta

Fat To Fit

If you are among those millions of 30 something youth who crib for being over weight but do nothing to change it, then this inspirational fat to fit journey of weight loss is sure to make you take your own health seriously.

Are you among those millions of 30 something youths who go to work every day, crib for their pathetic eating habits and crib more for having no physical activity/exercise included in their daily routine, but do nothing to get back in good shape? 

Well, if you just looked here and there thinking it to be your everyday life story, then this inspiration journey of weight loss is sure to make you take your own health seriously. Read on to drive some motivation to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. 

This is the inspirational weight loss journey of Rahul Oberoi, a 30-year-old IT Consultant from Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad. He was bullied by people for being overweight and he brought an end to his misery by losing 23kgs of weight in 4 months with his determination, strict diet and exercise regimen. Due to his weight issues, he started facing cardiac problems, which further strengthen his resolve to get on the weight loss journey and achieve the desired results. 

Here goes his journey of motivation, dedication and miraculous weight loss!


Weight: 91kg
Waist: 38 Inches
Challenge: Poor lifestyle, alcohol consumption, soft drinks, fast food

Fitness Routine 
His hectic work schedules in the IT industry made him work mostly in the night shifts which lead to erratic eating habits and eventually weight gain. As he stuck to his desk throughout the shift, while munching on all the possible fast options he can get his hands on, he started putting on weight followed by cardiac issues. 

He mentioned that being a typical Punjabi guy, foodie tag came along with him by default. Fried chicken and butter laden parathas were the part of his regular meal. At work, he used to eat pizzas almost every day for curbing hunger pangs. 

He attributes his motivation to lose weight to a FIT4LIFE program started by his office. He thought of starting working out at a gym but was well aware of the fact that he lacks the stamina to do so. He began by running in the park, which started showing results in initial days and motivated him further to think more about his health. Once he managed to develop good stamina he thought of hitting the gym with a good trainer, where he can get help with cardio sessions to lose weight. He joined Soar Gym and trained under Dev and Girish from the same gym to achieve his goals. 



Weight: 67kg
Waist: 31 Inches
Challenge: Strong body and clean diet. Overcame cardiac health problem

Now that he has lost incredible 23kgs in 4 months he is way too happy to see the new self. He has started working on his strengths and is now more inclined towards toning and shaping his body. 

Before embarking on the weight loss journey, he had no idea about healthy eating and nutrition. Once he started going to the gym, his trainer explained him the importance of nutrition and clean diet. He included these elements in his daily diet which helped him a lot in reducing weight fast. 

To keep himself motivated, he maintained a track record of his diet and weight, which helped him keep going. He ran for almost 1200km in 4 months and attributes his trainer for all the support and motivation. He states that his trainers were very strict with him and never allowed him to waste even a single min in the gym. 

Now that we have said a lot about Rahul’s journey from being fat to fit, let’s hear from the guy itself. 

Q&A With Rahul Oberoi – Lost 23kgs in 4 months

What inspired you to take up this?
There are a number of factors which inspired me to go the healthy way. One is that my medical health issues were growing up with weight. I started having high blood pressure and heartbeat fluctuations.
Another major inspiration for me to loose my weight is my family. If I will keep on following the path of unhealthy and bad lifestyle my family will follow the same which I never wanted to happen. I wanted to become a good example for them and not the bad one. 

Were there any roadblocks/difficulties in achieving the desired results?
As mentioned above I have some medical issues. I connected with my family doctor and my fitness trainer to guide me on the same. They advised me to slowly start the process, so I started with running and cardio sessions to build the stamina. Slowly, I gained the strength to increase my workout level as well.

What advice would you like to give to others aspiring to lose weight or get fit?
I would suggest all not to follow your trainer blindly, there are many trainers in this industry who are keeping relevant information but they pass the wrong information to people. Which always causes a problem for people like me who wish to lose weight. Get an authentic trainer, I personally took training from Dev Kanojia (Soar gym Gandhinagar).

Any final thoughts?
I read somewhere “Thoughts become Things” Which I am trying to prove. 

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