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Gym Essentials For Beginners – A Quick Checklist

Written By Latika Gupta

Gym Essentials For Beginners – A Quick Checklist

The motivation you have drawn from your fitness conscious friends has made you enroll for the gym membership. But, sweating it out in a gym is the only thing you should be concerned about? Not really, your gym bag and its contents are equally important.

Fitness and workout have recently started occupying a big part of your mind. You have even enrolled yourself in the best gym in your area. But is that enough to meet your fitness goals? While motivation is definitely a key to achieving success, keeping your gym bag handy and ready can also play a great role in keeping up your spirits. 

If you want to ensure that you hit the gym before or after your office hours then you must keep your gym bag packed and ready. Packing your gym essentials ahead of time can not only save you a lot of time but it also reduces the chances of laziness that might engulf you. 

First and foremost thing to keep in mind while heading to buy your gym bag essentials is to determine the size of your gym bag. If you have invested in a large gym bag then you can pack your stuff for an entire week in one go.

To help you pack a beginners’ gym essentials bag, we have compiled a quick checklist of things that must be a part of it.

  • Flat sole shoes for exercises and weight training
  • Knee wraps and wrist wraps to help protect your joints against any injury
  • Shower shoes, best bet is your regular flip flops
  • Shaker filled with your favorite BCAA or any other protein supplement
  • Water bottle filled with water or energy drink to keep yourself hydrated
  • Headphones with an extra pair – leave no room for hitting the gym without the headphones
  • Music player loaded with your favorite workout list
  • A Lock for your locker room
  • A pair of extra socks, clean towel for use after shower
  • Wet tissues, disinfectant wipes, and body wipes to clean sweat during workout
  • Heart rate monitor to keep a check on your heartbeat during workout 
  • Headbands or hair bands if you have long hair
  • Fresh clean clothes for after shower
  • Deodorant to keep smelling fresh  
  • Something to eat like a protein bar or nuts
  • Bandages for first aid, you never know when their need will arise

Have we missed anything on the list? If yes do let us know about it in the comments section as we always love to hear back from you.

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