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Health Benefits of Brahmi

Written By Saurabh Monga

Benefits of Brahmi for cognitive boost and stress relief are well known. But benefits Brahmi plant are more than just that. Let’s explore Brahmi benefits that might have been lesser known to you.

A herb native to India, Bacopa or Brahmi is considered a wonder Ayurvedic tonic for the nervous system. Brahmi benefits are not limited to just brain function, but also overall health. 

Top health benefits of Brahmi

  1. Boosting cognitive ability
  2. Reducing stress levels
  3. Helping in therapy for cognitive disorders

Cognitive ability boost

Brahmi has known to be used in Ayurvedic medicine as a brain tonic. It helps increase the focus of mind and retention power. It has certain organic compounds that help stimulate & boost cognitive ability 

Anxiety and stress reduction

Brahmi is useful in many forms. One of those forms is Brahmi as a plant. The leaves of Brahmi plant can be chewed to help reduce anxiety and stress levels. Brahmi helps balance the stress hormones in the body and thus gives a relaxing feeling to mind and body. 

Dementia and Alzheimer therapy 

Brahmi can be quite effective when it comes to cognitive stimulation and oxidative stress reduction. This helps to keep the mind calm and sharp. It is this promotion of neurological functions that may bring some positive impact for people suffering from cognitive disorders like Dementia and Alzheimer. However, till date, no herb, including Brahmi, has been proven to successfully cure or work totally effective against such disorders. 

Apart from using Brahmi in its natural form of Brahmi plant or leaves, other forms for Brahmi uses include Brahmi oil, Brahmi powder, Brahmi capsules etc. 

Apart from the above-mentioned top benefits of Brahmi, there are other health situations and diseases too in which Brahmi benefits have been known to be helpful.

Other Important Benefits of Brahmi – 

Epilepsy – Brahmi is known to be helpful in case of epilepsy, neuralgia, and bipolar disorders

Cancer – Usage of Brahmi may aid in preventing cancer

Digestion – Consumption of Brahmi helps bring comfort to body and thus is a soothing herb. This may help in providing relief from irritable bowel syndrome and gastric ulcers

Inflammation – Brahmi as an anti-inflammatory is known to be useful when its leaves are rubbed on inflammation affected areas of the body. This may promote relief in conditions like arthritis, gout etc. The healing properties of Brahmi plant help reduce swelling and irritation caused by inflammation.
Respiratory Health – Another amazing use of Brahmi is Brahmi tea. Brahmi tea can be brewed and consumed for getting relief from respiratory problems. Brahmi herb has been known to be used in various Ayurvedic medicines that are made for treatment of Bronchitis, chest congestion, Asthma etc. Chewing of Brahmi leaves can also help in an effective manner if you are not able to brew Brahmi tea.

Skin Health – Looking to heal infected areas of skin? Brahmi oil or Brahmi juice can prove helpful. Take a bit of Brahmi oil and spread it over affected skin area and this can prove helpful in not only healing a wound but also enriching your skin to be smooth and healthy. 

Brahmi Side Effects and Precautions  

You can experience Brahmi side effects if you use it for a prolonged period of time or in an inadvisable manner. Thus to avoid side effects of Brahmi – 

  1. Do not use Brahmi for a prolonged period of time in any form, be it Brahmi leaves, Brahmi powder or Brahmi oil
  2. If you are suffering from any disease you must consult a doctor first for cure, as Brahmi plant may help you get relief or comfort in certain conditions, but is certainly not a complete cure for any disease
  3. Before including Brahmi food in your diet or before using Brahmi supplements, Brahmi powder or Brahmi oil for any therapeutic purposes, it is advisable to consult a health expert or an Ayurveda doctor. 

Bottom line – Herbs in Ayurveda have always been known to work magic in healing various health ailments, diseases, and conditions. But, incorrect or inappropriate usage of anything is bad even if it is as pure & natural as a herb.

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