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How Is Full Body Workout Important?

Written By Saurabh Monga

How is full body workout important?

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that a full body workout is important. A full body workout is not a choice but a decision you should make for building a strong body and overall good health.

Excuses never go out of fashion. One can make as many excuses as he/she wants to not indulge in a full body workout properly. Some of the most common reasons you might hear are –

“This is my favorite exercise”

“I am just interested on working on my upper body”

“I don’t feel comfortable working on my thighs and legs. It’s so boring”

….. And lots more!! 


We need to understand that every part of body is important. And if one wants to achieve complete fitness and strength, then a full body workout is necessary. Choosing favorites in this respect might not earn you the desired results. Infact, there is no need to get intimidated by the word “full body workout”. You would be surprised to know how beneficial and simple it is.

Curious to know?? Well, let’s find out!

What do we mean by a Full Body Workout?

The term “full body workout” might mean a couple of things. It may mean a full body workout strategy of training with weights for only a few days with a goal in mind to achieve maximum muscle gain through a quicker and intense training schedule. Benefits of such a workout program may include saving time, achieving quality over quantity and giving a boost to your cardiovascular system.

But, here we are talking about a “full body workout” which means keeping a balanced focus on training all your body parts to achieve complete body results. Our focus should be to train the complete body and not to avoid any body part. By doing this we can achieve full body fitness and not fall short in any area.

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Important Focus Points

Let us have a look at some important points for an ideal full body workout:

  • Do not play favorites – You often see people who are very focused on building those amazingly pumped-up biceps. It’s good to be focused on your muscle building target, but why just biceps? If your answer is that it’ your favorite part of training, then my friend you are heading the wrong way. There are no favorite parts of the body that you would want to train. Doing this will lead you nowhere. You would end up missing on other important parts of your training where muscle building was really required. What is the point of achieving a pumped-up upper body with thin legs and thighs? So, do you want to be fit or just want to stick to favorites … The choice is completely yours.

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  • Always consult your trainer – Many a times we try to design our workout plan based on what we have heard or seen other people say and do. But, that is not the way to plan a successful full body workout. Everyone has his/her set of training needs and thus, we need to identify ours. The training needs of a bodybuilder, a wrestler, a sprinter and a general fitness enthusiast could be poles apart. So rather than working out based on what you hear, workout on what you need. And the best way to know what you need is by asking a fitness expert or your gym trainer/coach. They would be the right people to guide you on a successful full body workout regime as per your body needs. This would also ensure that you can avoid any kind of injury by following the expert instructions of your fitness coach or gym trainer.

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  • Be realistic – Apart from specific body and fitness needs, everyone has his/her own body limits too. So, never mistake a successful full body workout with a complete muscle makeover to look like a legendary bodybuilder like Arnold in just a day. Bodybuilding is serious business, not a joke. Some can achieve their targets in a year and some might take more time. People have different body types and varying levels of stamina. One can always workout to push his/her limits but that should not stretch to unrealistic targets. A good full body workout should be a mix of properly planned training schedules and a well-balanced diet & supplements. In case of any doubts on what type of bodybuilding supplement or diet might suit you, please consult a health expert or a nutritionist. But, above all – Be realistic and know your body limits!

A wise man once said “Your body is a temple. It is your duty to keep it healthy and clean if you want to reside in it comfortably .” So, though working out is our choice but working out on the entire body is our responsibility.

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