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How To Make Whey Protein At Home?

Written By Latika Gupta

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Whey protein supplement has become synonymous to bodybuilding. The fact that it’s the most important supplement has made its price soar sky- high. What if we tell that you to make whey protein powder at home? Don’t believe us, read on to find out!

Fulfilling your bodybuilding dream without the help of whey protein nutrition is next to impossible. A healthy well-balanced diet remains incomplete without the inclusion of high-quality protein for bodybuilding, repairing, and maintenance of your tired muscle tissues. Whey protein is essential for bodybuilders as they cannot consume an adequate amount of right type of protein through food only. 

Whey protein supplements are quite popular because our body tends to absorb whey faster than other supplements. Buying readymade whey protein supplement from your preferred brand seems like the most feasible option. But that’s not the only option actually. You can conveniently make whey protein supplement at home with the right ingredients. 

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Like any other homemade product, homemade whey protein also comes with an array of health benefits, which you cannot find in your regular store bought stuff. Not to mention your store bought protein powder supplement can be way expensive. Well, on the other hand, you can easily make your month’s supply of whey protein at home in under Rs.1000. 

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Also, a store bought protein powder may come with nasty ingredients that might do more harm than good to your bodybuilding ambitions. However, if you are buying pure whey protein powder, the nutritional power of the store bought and your homemade protein will remain comparable. 

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Here is your detailed step-by-step procedure to make Whey protein at home. Though it might look a little messy at first, but it’s not that complicated at all. 

Whey protein is basically nothing but a high-quality complete protein, which is mostly found in dairy products. Milk consists of nearly 27% protein, wherein 80% is derived from the casein and the remaining 20% comes from whey. Cottage cheese, one of the most commonly used dairy products in Indian homes is made by separating cheese from the water. That remaining water is high-quality whey protein, thus you should never discard it. Instead, you can use it for making soups, gravy, etc, while cooking.

Step 1 – To make whey protein at home take any milk product like yogurt, cottage cheese or buttermilk. Here we are taking an example of curd, but the process will remain same for any of the milk products that you take.

Step 2 – Take an empty container or bowl and place a small strainer over it.

Step 3 – Put a cheesecloth/muslin cloth/double lined paper towel into the strainer. 

Step 4 – Pour yogurt over the cloth into the strainer. Cover the strainer with plastic wrap and keep it in the refrigerator overnight of for at least eight hours.

Step 5 – After eight hours or next morning, take the container out of a fridge and remove plastic wrap. The hardened material in the strainer is called yogurt cheese, whereas the yellowish substance collected in the bowl is your home made whey protein.

The only department in which this homemade whey protein supplement lacks will be the taste. It will be bland, tasteless and even sour in some cases. But, there will be no compromise in its nutritional value. There is no harm compromising on taste sometimes when it comes to health and saving a lot of money on store bought supplements. 

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