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How to Pick the Right Supplements for Yourself

How to pick the right supplement for yourself

Dietary supplements are an integral part of our daily life as they help in filling the nutrient gaps in our body.  You must have seen a lot of commercials suggesting the benefits of various supplements, but most of us do not know which dietary supplement our body needs or which brand to buy. Before buying any health supplements, you need to know your body type and needs. One supplement can work for someone effectively, while it might not work for you. You must know whether your body needs supplements or not. 

If you are someone who gets confused while buying supplements, then these are a few points that you need to know:

  1. Keep a track on what you are eating
Keep a track on what you are eating

You need to keep a track on what you are eating and how much you are eating. You can make a vitamins and minerals list that you are consuming every day and what else your body needs. Let us take an example: You are drinking a glass of milk and consuming one egg, which means you are consuming 1.3 mg (around) of calcium and 0.6 mg of iron. However, your body requires about 1200mg of calcium and 17 mg of iron regularly. Therefore, you can add the remaining amount of calcium and iron to your body in the form of supplements/ food.

  1. Diagnose the insufficient vitamins and minerals
Diagnose the insufficient vitamins and minerals

Make sure to consult a doctor before consuming any mineral or vitamin supplements. Get yourself diagnosed and know what vitamins or minerals are needed for you and then consume them accordingly. Let us cite an example: Your body requires folic acid, and you are consuming biotin. Will it work for you the way you wanted? No, it won’t. Folic acid is needed for pregnant women to prevent the foetus from neural defects, while biotin is for enhancing your beauty. Get your tests done and choose the right supplements.

  1. Choose supplements according to your age
Choose supplements according to your age

One should always choose vitamins and minerals as per their age. Different age groups require different amounts of nutrients, and one should not consume more or less than the recommended dietary allowance.

Let us cite an example:

AgeRecommended dietary allowance of vitamin C
Birth to six months40 mg
9 to 13 years45 mg
Adult men above 18 years90 mg

If you look at the table and compare the recommended dietary allowance of vitamin c (one of the best antioxidant vitamins) of each age group, you will find that there it keeps on changing as per age. Same is the case with any other vitamin and mineral.

  1. Choose supplements according to your gender

One must choose the type and quantity of nutritional supplements as per his/her gender. A woman might need some vitamin source that a man might not require. For example, females need iron and folic acid more as compared to males. 

  1. Choose supplements according to your body goals

When you buy dietary supplements, make sure you know what exactly your fitness goals are. Let us cite an example: You need to gain mass, and you start consuming a fat burner supplement. Will you get the desired results? No! You cannot gain mass; instead, you will start losing weight. You will have to opt for a mass gainer or a weight gainer supplement to gain some extra pounds.

  1. Pick the right brand

To pick the best health supplements, you need to follow a few points:

Here are a few things that you need to check while buying nutritional supplements:

  • You must check the seal of the dietary supplements that you are buying. The seal should be intact.
  • The dietary supplements must have a holographic mark ( a mark of authenticity).
  • The fake health supplements will have an MRP sticker pasted on the bottle while the original one will have it printed. 
  • You should check the labelling of the body supplements properly. Original and the best quality supplements will list all the ingredients used by them and their sourcing history.
  • A good quality supplement will have a particular lot number. You can connect with the customer support of that specific brand and share the lot number to know the authenticity of the product.
  • Check out the internet and read the customer reviews.
  1. Balance the supplements with your diet

Along with vitamin supplements, you need to consume the right type of food and in the right quantity. Also, once you start a particular dietary supplement, you might have to change your regular food habit. There are a few health supplements that might not go well with certain food items, and this might cause a reaction in your body.

  1. Study Your Family Health history

Study your family history to know if there are some prevalent potential health problems. You can choose natural supplements or any other supplements with those risks in mind. Learning more about the health history of your family can help in planning your daily wellness diet.

We hope now you will be able to select the right supplements for yourself. Don’t forget to share your queries with us; we will try to answer all your questions. Eat right, exercise and choose the right supplements to stay healthy.

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